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This is my attempt to find every appearance of Adam Strange imaginable. Most of the listings on this page are unconfirmed and I refuse to mark them as confirmed until I see the appearance myself. This is so I will resist the urge to let others to do all the work for me. Confirmed sightings of Adam Strange (Issues I have either seen or own) will eventually be in Bold Print.

My definition of "Appearance" is very similar to the definition found in Laura "Tegan" Gjovaag's Aquaman Sightings page. 1) In several panels on a page taking some sort of significant action, 2)On multiple pages taking some sort of significant action, 3) Says several lines, or 4) is important to the plot in some way. You will note that number 4 allows for a lot of interpretation, and may even allow for him to not actually appear at all. However, I'll still be trying to stick to books Adam Strange is actually drawn in though.

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I am also aware Adam Strange is currently appearing in Infinite Crisis and the 52 weekly series. Not yet sure how I will catalog that yet.
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1. MicroComics Inc., PO Box 243, Ridgewood, NJ 07450 (1-800-666-4054) has announced plans to release the Showcase run (1-106) on microfiche at, I believe $39.95 per every 5 or 10 issues (ie, 16-20 or 11-20). An email message I received recently (9-13-96, says: "we are taking reservations for it when available". 2. There are a large number of foreign reprints available. Overstreet's Comic Book Price Guide, 23rd edition, suggests arranging for trades with foreign collectors for these mags. I've yet to determine how to locate these listings or arrange a trade agreement with anyone, however. 3. Gemstone has its own web site at, although it's currently under construction. (Find your latest Overstreet Monthly here.)

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