Although it is rarely discussed

James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist

How do we envision and get a handle on what our brains cannot even perceive, or think about... except in the abstract?

Surely each reader has at sometime intuited something? But wait a moment, how does Intuition [notice that when referring to Intuition the faculty I capitalize the term, and when referring to the operation of this faculty I do not], differ from simply remembering something one has momentarily forgotten?

Your Intuition is a faculty of your Apapsyche, and thus, it is a Spiriutal faculty within you, and this is the major difference between it and your MIND [which has its own unique vibrational reality], and your brain which is physical and completely limited to that which it can store within itself, to abstract labels for things, and to things of the physical plane of reality. So, when you intuit some "bit" of Knowledge you know this in two ways. One is that what you have intuited is Knowledge and thus True, and the other is that if, out of habit, the Attn Aspect of your Apapsyche shifts into the Left-Hemisphere (L-H) of your brain, then you will instantly loose the Intuition as you begin "thinking about" it. And no part of your Intuition exists within the L-H of your brain.

In addition to the above, your Intuition presents you with an entire concept, not just a linear string of thoughts.... where one thing leads to another, and to another, etc. An intuited "bit" comes in the form of an entire concept, all the parts of it are integral elements of a complete "whole". And should your L-H become the focus of your Attn Aspect [out of habit and due to fear that some element of your Intuition may expose what your MIND holds hidden within itself], the only part of your Intuition you will be able to think about are the conjunctions that are assumed to be present between the many elements of the "whole". In other words, nothing of value will be left of your Intuition.

Needless to say this is a bummer. It takes much practice and concentrated work to become proficient at keeping your Attn Aspect fixed in your Intuition. Need I add the obvious.... that proficient intuition requires one to remove a great many of the fears that ones MIND holds hidden within itself... because these will be used by ones MIND to prevent from from either using intuition at all, or will greatly hinder ones use of intuition.


And this now leaps into a great unknown that is unique with this web site and how it reflects my thirty plus years building an understanding of the Whole Human Being and explaining what the ancient Greeks meant by Psychology.

So scary to talk about the "Unknown" within Man. But since this is the only way we can discuss Intuition, you will just have to clinch your fists and leap with me into the great abyss..........

Intuition is or are "bits" of Knowledge from within ones own Apapsyche. What is Knowledge, is one question? Where does it come from is another question? And what is the purpose of this Knowledge, or intuition is yet another question that I'm about to explain.

Within each of us is a mystical and marvelous phenomenon I refer to as Esotransmutation and this involves ones Apapsyche, ones MIND, and it fulfills the Purpose of Life [the title of my last book]. That is, the purpose of life is for the Soul to thoroughly explore and experience the entire Creation to discover all that Neutral Spiritual Energy [the Energy of the Soul] can be. Esotransmutation is the Esoteric and mystical way in which the Creation achieves its goal within each human being. Isn't this phenomenal that I was allowed to discover this... even though I can't tell anyone... except those rare individuals whose Spiritual Evolution is sufficiently evolved to warrant them awakening to this mystical marvel?

The Law of Karma is based on this simple rule: As you sow, so shall you reap! In other words, every thought or action you have or take is registered within MINDLines within your MIND. Every action taken is etched upon a MINDLine as a "due bill", which means that at some future point you will have that same action taken against yourself. In this way one gets to take an action and receive it and thus, experience both... and this increases ones Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding relative to that specific emotional dynamic. Each Karma on that MINDLine represents a greater or lesser intensity of that emotion, and when one has completed the entire length of experience of that emotion, it is converted via Esotransmutation into Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding and this is stored within ones Apapsyche.

This is how ones MIND and Apapsyche combine to convert ones completion of Karma into Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding. This Knowledge is ones own hard earned experience that has over many lifetimes given one Truth relative to Life. This Truth is fed back to one at times when it is needed as intuition... if one is open to [and ready for] what is contained within ones Apapsyche.
Imagine Life as being a step-ladder with many rungs leading to the top rung from which Souls leave Life and return Home. Of course the bottom rungs have to be much wider than the upper rungs because most people are perched upon these lower rungs. And how one rises up these rungs is by completing Karma, and this then increases ones Knowledge, and this Knowledge adds to ones Spiritual Evolution, which determines ones perch upon the rungs of the ladder of Life. Every Soul that has committed to Life is perched somewhere upon those rungs. This analogy assumes two things that are often denied or ignored in the West: Karma and reincarnation.

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