April 21, 2003

I am still just amazed that I am lucky enough to have this wonderful dog at my side....I don't have "stock" to work him on, as most of you have....I had wanted to have some goats and chickens, at least, but wanted to wait until we get a house built on our other property (on day!), and now, until I am completely recovered from this back surgery and all the mess that has gone along with it (doctors, doctors, doctors, blech). Duncan was very attentive after my surgery, he lay on one side of me when I felt my worst, and at my side all the time (he usually would rather sleep on the floor than on the bed, but he began to do this on his own when I was so out of it). He picks up on how I am feeling; once I had one of those terrible migraines, instead of trying to get me to give him attention, he lay on my feet & legs at the other end of the couch, just gazing at me quietly, and didn't leave. If any "pesky cats" came near, he would use his body to block them from me peacefully (Remi the poodle is NOT peaceful, he chases them off, barking and making racket). But they knew I didn't feel good, and didn't want to be bothered.


Training Pups

Sherry Farley with her pup Duncan S/W and her parents pup King McAlpine at around 3 to 4 months old (both Lilly/Banjo). Her dad had killed a squirrel and they used it in drag and had the pups find it.

Banjo Duncan's sire
Lilly Duncan's dam Chesney Farmcollies


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