March 1, 2001

Hi all,

I wanted to tell you about the new dog I got on Tuesday. His name is Banjo. He weighs about 50lbs (is a bit thin), is sable with a white ruff and black trim, black tips to his hair and tail. He may look lighter when he is bathed as he is stained from being in red mud. He has a few tangled matts on his back legs and tail. This is the dog that had been kept on a chain. I have been real careful with him as some of you warned me that he might not be too good around livestock.

I have been pleasantly surprised with the eagerness this dog has shown me. Eager to please, fit right in with the other dogs, no fighting. Taught him to sit and "wave" in just a few minutes. Comes immediatly when I call him. He wants to be by my side and watches me constantly. I took him out in the field to introduce him to Lilly (on a lead) and the livestock. The goats and sheep sniffed him and ran but he didn't try to chase or harass. I finally let him loose after walking the boundaries with him and he stayed with me and Lilly. He acted like he was at ease with the other animals. (I still won't trust him for another few weeks.He is at the house with us).

Do any of you have any suggestions on how I should proceed with him or can you tell me anything that I may be overlooking. His parents were working dogs, but he was never around livestock and is a year and a half old. Seems to be very laid back but alert to things that are going on. He wanted to chase the cats.


March 11, 2001

Banjo is really a great dog. I am so happy with his progress. He is as perfect as you can get with the livestock. I've had no problems with him chasing or biting. I knew there was going to be a showdown between Banjo and the old ram. The ram was pushing him around, butting him, until finally yesterday he couldn't take it anymore. He did not hurt the ram, just showed him what he could do and called off immediately when told to.

His temperament is a lot different from Lilly's. She is so laid back and waits to be told what to do. He is a lot more independent. That could be because of the age difference. Lilly was 6mths March 1- Banjo will be 2 soon. He listens well and is a little harder to train. Since he was raised on a chain I was expecting a few problems. He is wonderful with children and seems to be thriving on all the attention he is getting.

He seems also to have the will to hunt. He will walk the boundary several times a day and squirrels are a favorite, he also chases birds out of the pasture.

I haven't found out much about his parentage. Will let you know when I do.

Take Care, Sheryl

Lilly, Banjo's Mate
Scarlett, Lassie, and Bonnie Blue, Banjo's Pups
Kala, Banjo's Daughter
Duncan, Banjo's Son
Titan, Banjo's Son and Grandson

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