Kala was turning out to be a good little farmcollie. She liked helping me with the chickens and ducks early on. She would herd but, only if I put Banjo up at first. Later she began to help herd the goats and calf as part of a threesome and knew what she was to do.

The thing that interested her the most was staying with the goat kids. She would even sleep with them at night. Her guardian instinct was strong at a very early age. If the other dogs left the barn area, she would go with them for a few minutes and then I would look for her and she was back at the barn with the "babies".

She had an unplanned litter of 11 puppies and turned out to be a great mother and was able to feed and care for them unassisted. When these pups were barely 3 weeks old she was stolen off the property. It was truely a sad time. I still catch myself looking at a dark dog to see if it is Kala.

Titan, Kala's Son

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