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January 10, 2003

Titan is doing well. We're getting ready to work on basic training, (sit/stay). He's adapted well with Latte (the cat). Latte is usually the instigator in any trouble and Titan has a healthy respect for him so the worse it gets is him barking or chasing him off every once and a while. A few weeks ago we were working in the garden and Titan was laying right outside the gate. Latte came up and laid down across from him, rolling like he wanted to play. Titan just laid there, I think he knew that the cat was trying to get him in trouble (he does get yelled at if he tries to chase him).

We are still working on breaking the mouthing and jumping. Most of the problem is in the morning. It's cold and they're feeling full of it. It doesn't help that my female loves to play rough and bowls him over while they chase. Another problem area is he likes to mark the hay in the horse stalls. He leaves it alone in the feed room but will walk into the stalls after I place the hay in there. I figure it's a one-upmanish issue. My female likes to pee in the horse stalls if she can get in there when the horses are out and I know she's into the alpha routine.

January 15,2003

Titan went to the vets today and passed with flying colors. The ladies were impressed with how "handsome" and "gentlemanly" he was. The vet is very up-to-date with "collie" issues and made sure to tell me not to give him Heartguard because of the ivomectrian (sp). She also knew about "collie" eye and did a basic check for hip dysplasia. Sheryl, he still doesn't like leaving the farm. I guess should take him out driving for fun every once in a while, but was amazed by the vet's office. The vet had never heard about "farm collies" so I gave her a brief overview. I guess I should print off a brochure and take one over.

Watching Titan and Latte (cat) is a fun way to waste some time. Latte likes to chase Titan out of the barn and Titan likes to chase Latte back in. They are getting along fine and Titan backs off the minute Latte arches his back. Here's this maybe 10 pound kitten/cat backing off a 50 pound pup. One other interesting thing is that Titan's gotten out of the fenced yard a couple of times in the past 2 weeks. Both times he's run down the closest fence line and then came back. There are "paths" from either the deer or coyotes along the line so he might be checking to see if there's a break in the wire. We've starting schooling in the afternoons. I have to be careful make sure my other dog doesn't want to "help", since she likes to "bowl" him over. After 2 lessons he's starting to sit on command, but definitely doesn't like to. Walking on a leash is interesting since he wants to hold the leash himself but we're working on that.

Kathleen in GA

January 26, 2003

Yesterday with the front moving in the dogs were acting like nuts. Chasing each other around the farm and having a good old time. Sheryl, was Titan always a boxer? He's mainly right-pawed but will strike out with a left jab every so often. He's really fitting in. Did real well when the farrier was here last week and let me know when Jamie squeezed under the fence one night so I could let her back in the gate. He and Latte are becoming best playing buds. They take turns chasing each other and right now the cat's mad because the dogs are in the mud room and he's in the basement so I sent DD down to play foosball with him.

Titan likes to lay on the floor and chew on the wood trim. The house is post and beam with huge beams along the floor so I'm going to have to spray it all down with bitter apple when he's not in the house (DH sprayed him one evening when he wouldn't stop barking and he's petrified of the bottle). We've got "sit" down fairly well but he usually lets me know he's not thrilled about it or goes straight to collapse! He also thinks he's a lap dog and will climb in my lap to keep the cat out of it.
Kathleen in GA

January 24, 2003

Last night was hilarious. Latte wanted to be in the mudroom with the dogs to play. Well, he and Titan got into a boxing match. Looked like something on TV. Latte up on his back legs boxing with Titan who was mainly giving a right then a left. Latte would take off, with Titan right behind, then do a roll to come up boxing again. Wish the camera was set up Kathleen in GA

May 11, 2003

Well, I introduced Titan to the lambs yesterday. He did pretty well. The main problem was when he would try and paw Alice (the little ewe). She didn't mind but she's only the size of a large cat so I was worried he'd get too rough. Today we let him back into the paddock on a lead line with the lambs and Ralph the largest lamb decided that Titan had gotten too close and headbutted him on the nose. The look on Titan's face was priceless. He's still comfortable around Alice but is a bit worried around Ralph and Ed (DH is a Honeymooner's fan). I was happy to see that he didn't attack Ralph. He did keep an eye on the lambs especially when the hawk that lives in the tree above the paddock started screeching. (They have a nest with at least one baby up there). He would look at the lambs, then the tree, then the lambs again. He also gets a bit concerned when they separate.

Kathleen in GA

Kathleen, I have been waiting on this update all weekend, Thanks!!!

I can see that he is being a guardian to the lambs by watching for movements of the hawk, way to go Titan.

The Ralph headbutting thing will eventually come to a head. I would encourage Titan to realize that he is over the Ram and will have full support from you if opposed. (If the lamb butts Titan, make the lamb back away and let Titan see this and learn from you). Lambs get big quick and the sooner Titan makes him back down the better. Banjo, Titan's sire, had to eventually take a large ram down because the Ram keep pushing him into a corner and butting him. He called off immediatly but I did let him correct the Ram. He didn't bite but did grip wool and force him to the ground. There was no problem after this. The Ram knew who was in charge. (this was a full grown nearly 300# Suffolk not a baby).

It is good that he is wanting to keep the lambs together. Much easier to keep an eye on them.

Sure wish you had gotten a picture of his expression when Ralph butted him, surprise and shock!!LOL.

Keep us posted on how he does!


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