May 19, 2003

Tim said he still worried about someone getting Rex...Rex did not bark when we drove up, just looked, and I walked over and spoke to him. The two calves in the pics are twins; they were orphaned this winter, when they were born. Their momma got over on her back, feet turned uphill, couldn't get up or over, and bloated, died. Sweet little things. They had told me that Rex would lick and love on them.

Tim told Jackie, that one year they killed 13 snakes out there....and since they have had Rex, they have not seen any snakes. Told about him running coyotes off....told about one time, coming home and there was a wild hog out there....half Russian, half whatever....said they called Rex, he came to them, then he heard rustling in the leaves in the woods, and high-tailed it out there, and chased the thing off. Said when they first got him, the cows were scared of them, not having been around a dog, but got used to him, and pay him no mind now. I watched him chase and round up the calves. He plays and tackles the kids, they play rough, he plays rough. Tim's wife said she had no worries about the kids out playing, even the little one, cause Rex does not leave them, he stays around the house, is right at the kids' side when they are out. They love him to pieces, you can see from the pictures.


Banjo Rex's sire
Lilly Rex's dam
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