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Next Sequence with the ducks

10) Lassie demonstrates the dominant stance
as all 4 ducks are starting to go around to their stall.

11) With me on the side to keep them from running into the riding ring,
Lassie pushes the ducks toward the stall.

12) Into the stall with the ducks,
I'm holding the door and Lassie escorts them in.

August 12, 2002,
In response to a discussion of farmcollies enforcing the rules and routines, Serena had this to add:

Speaking about keep the rules, Bonnie Blue likes to harass the goats in the barn. My Lassie saw this and went in and tried to herd her out, that didn't work so me tried to bark her out. No go on that one either. He finally grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and gently but insistently dragged her out of the barn. Once they were outside, he barked right in her face and then went back into the barn to make sure HIS goats were OK. Too funny!


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