Farmcollies work independently without special training or direction
to enforce Rules, Routines and Territories on thier farm. Lassie was five months old when these photos were taken.

Independent Herding

Lassie is rounding up the chickens to move them around to the other side of the barn.

3) Here, Lassie has turned one around and is heading her back to the gate.
(note the intent look on his face, the chicken is looking back over her shoulder at him too)

4) Here, the chicken has veered off towards the side yard.

5) Lassie is in pursuit of the errant hen.

6) This is one of my favorites, here Lassie is turning the chicken back toward the barn.

7) Success! Hen heading into the barn with Lassie in hot pursuit.
(note the ducks waiting for their turn at the right side of the photo.)

8) Into the stall with you!!

Lassie was born February 7, 2002; These photos were taken in the evening of July 24,, 2002.
April 15, 2003

Sunday, a friend and I were working on one of my garden spots and noticed the chickens way out in the woods behind the garage. Well, Lassie spotted them too and started walking over to them. He knew exactly how close he had to get and at what angle to stand to get them to start walking toward the barn. He lost a bit of patience and trotted up to three of them and pushed them up toward the barn. Then he went back and carefully circled around behind the rest of them. He had to climb over stonewalls and downed trees and such. Jen and I just stood there with our mouths hanging open watching this awesome sight. He was slow, methodical and cunningly accurate in his assesment and work. In under three minutes he had the entire flock back up at the barn yard. He had to go back for one straggler and she ended up with the snout up the butt push. I wished so bad that I had the video camera going but alas, the battery was dead and by the time it was charged, the moment was gone. That would have been perfect to use for the NOFA conference.

M. Serena Lanza

This independent working behavior is a combination of the dog's keen intelligence and biddability or strong desire to please. As J R McDuffie told me "a good dog will try to help you". Here is another example of
Farmcollie Behavior
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