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1.   How is this work funded?

This work is fully funded at this time by the author.  If you wish to contribute financially to this work, kindly email me your intentions.

2.   What denomination are the materials focusing on?

None.  I have basically chosen non-denominational material that is universally accepted.  I believe in the authority of God and the Bible and a very personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Anything centered around these themes will be presented.

3.   How can I contribute materials to this site?

Kindly email all your materials to the address below.

4.   Will the materials be edited?

Basically no.  I will only edit the material if only a minor portion requires it.  I will make the final decision to post it in this site.  If the material requires a considerable amount of editorial work, it will not be posted at all.

5.   If I find some of the materials unacceptable, what can I do?

You must inform me of your feedback and I will weigh the merits of the requests.  Thank you in advance for any feedback.

6.   Can I link to this site?

You can link to this site if you inform me of it and tell me what your site is doing.  I do not basically object to any links to this site if it is useful to your readership.

7.   Can this site link to my site on the Internet?

I will like to have this site self sustaining until a point in time where linking to other sites prove to be useful.  I'm open to consider if you have an interesting cross-link proposition.

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