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Gaming Storm Network (GSNetwork) Affiliation Information

Join GSNetwork today! Upon joining our growing list of loyal affiliates, we promise your site:

  1. Almost twice the daily "hits".

  2. Your site's "big stories" will be posted on our FrontPage.

  3. The fact that your site will be a "pioneer" in our network, the next IGN. Which will populate your site greatly!

  4. We will put your ad/banner somewhere on our site!

You promise us our site:

  1. To display our small logo on or near the top of all of your pages linking off of your FrontPage. 

  2. OR have a rather large TEXT link to our site.

  3. To be loyal and never "diss" GSNetwork or any and all of our affiliates.

  4. Oh! Hook us up with mad props! lol.

Pretty easy huh? So what do you have to do? Simple.
Send us your full name, age, site name, site url, daily hits, your site's theme, and topic. We will over look your site and let you know if we accept you! Send Info!

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