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June 17, 2000








Your World, Your Games


They would never admit it, but I'm sure they regret the decision now that the numbers are out." 
-Sega's Peter Moore, speaking about Electronic Arts


Opening Day
In only a few weeks, GSN will open. We are looking into either a ".com" domain and a permanent host at the time. Until then, we'll be loading upon content, cya! -SegaDCStar, Editor-in-Chief

Check out "Sega Corner"
Sega Corner (found here) is an awesome message board community and we at GSN feel that it is a sure "big thing" for the future of Dreamcast Internet. Organized by an "Aspen1284" SC has grown to be a major player on today's community forums. Right now they are adding a new banner/logo (which I've seen) by "PharmerGuy". But it's not by the same person who did our logo (above) by our employee "NaSh 395". Enjoy their site. We sure as hell do! Tell em' GSN sent ya!

GSN Dreamcast- REVIEW: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Tony Hawk has been on Dreamcast for a few weeks now. It's an amazing game...close to perfect. Check out Jake Wulff's review on the game if you don't believe us! Go ahead...we dare ya!
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GSN Movies/DVDs- GSN Movies/DVD Ready
This section has staff. Need I say more? Expect a few reviews to show up soon, as well as some news and a video clip or  two. GSN's channel staff really know what they're doing.
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GSN Staff List Update
The number of staff members here is growing super fast, and I am very proud of the site so far! Though the site doesn't officially open till' the 1st of July (7/1/00), everything is fitting together nicely! Please visit our staff list and check out the coming line-up! [ read more ]

We carry MP3s!
Starting today, GSN carries the audio format known as "mp3". If you look in our download section (found in the navigation bar to the left) , you will find the area titled "mp3s". These files have yet to be tested on Sega Dreamcast 2.0 browsers, but if they work, please let us know!

GSN Dreamcast- REVIEW: Silver -Demo-
Our first review! Ah! Our reviewer, Angelo Casa put it together from the demo found in the newest Official Dreamcast Magazine. We hope you enjoy it and be sure to tell "NaSh" what you think!
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GSN For Men- GSN For Men Opens
This section is pretty much opened. With a little help from the editorial manager here (Tyler "WalkinDef" Lyons), "For Men" will really start to blow up! With babes, cars and gotta love it!
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Gaming Storm needs staff
We need reliable experienced staff to fill in the empty positions at various locations and channels throughout Gaming Storm. If you feel interested... [  read more  ]

Gaming Storm needs affiliates
We need high quality web sites to "spread the word" about the new Gaming Storm. If you have a site that brings in well around 100 hits or more a day, you got a shot at affiliating with Gaming Storm... 

Gaming Storm close to complete
In a matter of weeks, Gaming Storm (aka GSN, the Gaming Storm Network) will be complete. We need to gather helpful staff and affiliates until that time. Please click here to apply!



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