Free Speech Forum
has established a Forum in Volgograd, Russia, patterned after the City Club of Cleveland. It provides a free speech educational and learning experience that has never before been a part of their life, but which is a basic freedom in America. Monthly forums are held with national and political speakers on current events, issues and topics that are important to the Russian people.

Medical Project  provides needed information, training and equipment for hospitals in the Volgograd Oblast Region. Contributions are used for seminars and visits by Cleveland doctors and nurses to Volgograd Region hospitals. Past efforts have focused on the need for neonatal care and access to the Internet. Instructional materials, videos and pamphlets are provided to Russian health care consumers, along with translations of medical and nursing manuals for professionals.

Cultural Exchanges between Russian and American professionals, business persons, government officials and ordinary citizens traveling between Greater Cleveland and the Volgograd Region help to bridge the cultural gap and to promote understanding between two peoples who have lived in sharply different political systems.


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