(dated 2004.9.30)
Ode to Chicken-Boo
Back in college, my buddy Anthony and I liked Animaniacs for its off-the-wall concepts as to what was funny. He really took to the character Chicken-Boo and I don't blame him. He even went so far as to make a parody song about the feathered master of disguise, one that I have expanded upon in this entry.
(dated 2008.4.17)

Almost a year later, I finally get around to compiling an Uwe Boll Collection and then add to it with his latest entry In the Name of the King: a Dungeon Siege Tale.

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Swordsmen in Double Flag Town. and WhirlyGirl

(dated 2005.7.26)

Dear readers, it's time to stop the rage and end the story that has taken about six months to tell via the Internet. It's been a fun activity to do between the hours that make up a day, and I hope you all have had as much fun reading it as I had writing and drawing it.
For the final chapter, Blackheart--yes, you read right--has written a manifesto to all who dare stand in the way of the Benefactor. To all who have been with Rashad, Inia, Barcrab and the rest, please enjoy the final throes of "The Cordoba Chronicles 4: The Necromancer's Fury."

All art and writing in The Cordoba Chronicles: The Necromancer's Fury
2005 Shaun Watson.

Experimental Page

(dated 2005.5.31)
On March 24th of last year, I created a Flash animation called "ThunderCats/10-10-220". I have decided to post the storyboards for the animation here.

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