Our story begins in eighth grade.  I was sitting in social studies class and in walks this cute guy.  I watched him walk in the room and liked him right away.  As time went on we became friends.  He dated one of my friends so I got to spend time with him.  In Nineth grade we didn't speak much, but by tenth grade I was falling for him hard.  He would sit with me at lunch and give me neck massages during lunch.  He would walk me to class and treated me like I was more than just a friend.  Towards the end of tenth grade we were very close and I invited him to a movie with some friends.  At the last minute the friends couldn't come so we went together.  A couple days later we began going out although our first kiss was the first date which was suppose to be between two friends.  We stayed together until his mom moved him to Texas for awhile so we had to split up.  I didn't get to see him again until much later and by then he was engaged to someone else.  We didn't have contact until After graduation when we ran into each other at the local fair.  We hung out for awhile but after about 2 weeks we went separate ways.  That was October of '97.  I hadn't seen much of him until November '97 and then he showed up where I was working but he was with a girl.  In December of ''97 after not knowing what would become of Kevin and I, I agreed to marry someone else.  I married Feb 14, 1998 and divorced May 12, 2000.  Meanwhile Kevin had two children with someone else.  Hopefully I will have pictures of Talya and Tristan to post soon.

Kevin and I met up again in August 2001 and began our journey together once again.  We got married June 8, 2002.  On August 1, 2002 we welcomed our new son into this world,
Cyrus Dominick Orion.

UPDATE 11/26/04: Kevin enlisted in Marines and will return from bootcamp/basic training around Christmas Time.  I am pregnant and due 1/22/05 and Kevin will probably miss the birth as he will only be in town for 10 days after he gets back.
Cyrus @ 1 day
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Cyrus's Birth Story

Pictures of Cyrus
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Cyrus in his first suit:-)
Age 8 weeks
Cyrus at 4 1/2 months :-)
Nascar Time at 4 1/2 months
I am working on updating this webpage.  I am pregnant and due Jan 22, 2005.  Sex of baby is unknown so I will have a surprise:-).  Cyrus is very excited.  I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes in November 2004.  I was put on bedrest the same month due to contractions and other problems which could lead to preterm labor and delivery.