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Jonel Linder was born in the early eighties in North Dakota. He was raised in different small farming communities in North Dakota and Minnesota. Being brought up in that small of communities allowed him to have close relations with everyone one in those communities through school, church and other social community events. One event that was most exciting was going to the county fair. At the county fair I loved to ride on all the fun rides. My favorite was the Tilt-A-Whirl, this ride spun you around in many different directions until you where dizzy afterwards. Among other things to experience at the Fair where all the different smells and sounds. The Carnival people in general where very mysterious. I could not understand how or why these people looked and acted as they did. It was a complete different world from how I was being raised. Another activity that I greatly enjoyed was building tree forts or forts from anything really. I must have had like over 20 of them through out the 4 years I lived in Minnesota. There was one in particular that really stood out from the rest. This Fort was the base of operations as I called it. It was nestled down along the river in a grove of trees. This place was peaceful and very beautiful. You could sit on one of the big branches and fish off it into the Rabbit River. This river eventually flows into the Red River.

After leaving Minnesota behind in the early 90ís I moved to McClusky, ND. At this time I would say I was around 11 years old. The farm I moved to was a dairy farm. There I developed a love for motorized machines. I helped my cousin build a demolition car. I was one of the most memorable times of my youth. To see those cars smash into each other was incredible. I almost talked him into letting me drive it in the Powder Puff derby. A Power Puff derby is where the women get to smash into each other. I wasnít a woman but with the helmet maybe I could have passed as one. I never got to due to the fact that the car had already been smashed to oblivion. As I got closer to being old enough to drive I bought a 1978 Monte Carlo. This car I only paid like $500 for it. But it ran and it had a lot of potential for greatness. At this time I was power hungry and had a lead foot. I blew up the six cylinder engine while getting one of my many tickets. So while I had no driverís license I decided to build up a 350 cubic inch Chevy engine for it. I had the engine bored .30 over then I dropped in a hefty Edelbrock Performer RPM camshaft with the matching Performer RPM intake to give my 355 CI Monster Mouse Chevy 420 Horse Power! After I got all the nuts and bolt tightened I took my beast of a Monte Carlo into town. A few of my classmates where out driving around so I just had to show off. I raced down to the Elementary school and started whipping cookies one after another. Then the Lights lit up and the familiar sound of the siren sounded. I was busted once again.

As my senior year approached I decided to join the United States Navy. I went to Boot Camp in the summer of 2001. Boot Camp was by far the most challenging and rewarding period of my life. I gained so much self respect and understanding of my abilities not just physically but emotionally as well. After being in the peak physical and mental state of my life I was ready to take on the world. I then came home off of leave a changed man. After being home for 20 days I arrived at my first command the USS Cowpens (CG-63) this ship is a guided missile cruiser stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. While being on this ship I got to live in Japan and travel all over Asia. I visited countries like China, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Bali, Bahrain, and Saipan. The most memorable time during my tour on board the USS Cowpens was the start of the Iraqi freedom war. My command launched the first strike into Bagdad. After launching 48 cruise missiles into Iraq during a period of 4 months we headed home to Yokosuka. I was honorably discharged after serving my time in the Navy.

Here are a few diffrent places that I have traveled.

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