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I started breeding Siamese and Burmese during the 1970's, successfully breeding my first GCCF champion in 1980.

In 1987 I became a GCCF Probationer Judge of Burmese, and was promoted to Full Judge of the breed in 1990, thus becoming the first person from Northern Ireland to become a GCCF Judge of any breed; I became a Full Judge of Tonkinese in 1991. At the end of 1991 we moved to live in the south of France, and I now show my Burmese with FIFe, returning to the UK several times a year to judge with the GCCF. In 1994 I was appointed a Judge of Oriental Selfs and Tabbies by LOPF, one of the Independant French Clubs and in 2000 I became a GCCF probationer Judge of the Asian Group.

I am a founder member of the French "Club du Chat Burmese" which was founded in 1993, and its Presidente until 2003; I am currently its Genetics Advisor. The Club aims to encourage the breeding of Burmese cats which conform to "English type" (FIFe/GCCF) standard. I am also a member of the FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline) Burmese Breed Council. In 2000 I bought my first Burmilla, (now Ch of Europe) Bellabonny Enigma Variations, from Gwen D'Arcy. In her second litter, four of her five kittens have gained titles.

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