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This website is a resource established to present information on the lives, times and descendants of George and Marie Allen, and George Loudon and Fanny Jane Hanson, all of England, in a manner easily accessed by their descendants now spread around the world. 

The combining of the two families in this presentation is the result of two marriages between the couple's children, plus the fact that after almost 150 years, it was still possible for these two families to trace one another. Each set of apples, so to speak, hadn't fallen too far from its particular original branch of this family tree.

The two Allen-Hanson marriages, when combined with migration, resulted in establishment of the Hanson family at Fort Myers, Florida, and the Allen family at Wanganui, New Zealand. Another sibling migrated to Canada, while yet another settled in South Africa. Still more remained in England. 

This website is operated from Palmerston North, New Zealand. I am a historian who occasionally dabbles in genealogy. My late mother's maiden name was Allen and I am the great granddaughter of the couple who emigrated to New Zealand. 

Initial material used for the website (photos and documents) are mostly the property of Warwick Allen of Palmerston North and Aroha Allen of nearby Foxton. Palmerston North and Foxton are both about an hour's drive from Wanganui, where a few Allen descendants still live. 

The layout of this website is a little tricky, due to the number of people and branches potentially involved, so expect a little overlap at times. If you can add to the subject and spot any historical (or other) errors, please feel free to contact me or leave a message on our Guestbook. - VB.

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