Hello there and welcome to Hart's Place.  Here you will find information about me, my views and the D/s Lifestyle.  D/s for those of you unfamiliar with the term, stands for Dominance and Submission.

My goal with this site is as always to provide information regarding the D/s lifestyle.  I know how completely confusing it can be to someone just starting out and trying to learn.  The immense amount of information available and all the confusing terminology can be quite overwhelming. ~smiles~

The chat rooms on the various services can be quite cliquish and impatient with "newbies".  Here I hope you will feel welcome and at ease and have an environment where not only can you read at your leisure, but also access the collection of links I have put together over the years.

I welcome email and questions as well as suggestions and submissions.  Mine is but one voice in a sea of millions and every persons experiences are ones that you and I can learn from.  Hopefully, the information I provide and my own experiences can prevent you from making some of the mistakes I myself have made in my continuing journey in this wonderous lifestyle I have choosen to live. ~smiles~ One can hope so anyway! 

My best advice still is, and will continure to be that you  find someone experienced to answer your questions honestly.  And please, make sure that their experience is not limited to online.  The differences between real time D/s and online are innumerable.  One does not place ones life in the hands of another online.  So be wary of just who you listen to and learn from.

I, like this website am constantly growing.
I am not perfect.  I do not know everything there is to know about D/s and never will.  Neither will anyone else lol.  It is a journey and an always changing, evolving and growing process.  Don't try to rush it, you will know when you are ready. The biggest mistake I see those that are new make is jumping in feet first.
I hope that this site makes your journey a bit easier then the path I myself have walked.

~This website was writen over 5 years ago and is in desperate need of some updating and overhauling which I have already begun so please be patient as time is not something that I have a lot of lately~

Since I have some free time I've started the process of updating the site and have purged a lot of old links. Editing the content is going to take a bit longer!
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July 13, 2007