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Down Home With Debo

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Hi!! Thanks for dropping by.......

I'm Debo (often referred to as Debbie). I'm a transplanted Texan who moved to Michigan on January 1, 1998, after marrying my sweetie, Sonnybuck. (He'll answer to David, Dave, Bro and even "Hey You!") I'm the proud Mom of two children, Tys and Sunflower (a.k.a. Tyson & Tara) and have a step-son, Buckshot (who also answers to Christopher).

Texas was the place we called home but now we are settled in Michigan. (hmmmmm......guess I moved from a panhandle to a thumb!) Many have said I need to give up this page - as it has a taste of country to it...... that "Down Home In Michigan" just doesn't sound right. But as I've been told, (and I agree 100%) you can take the girl outta Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the girl....... so the page will keep the down-home theme. Besides, I haven't lost my Southern accent!

Our Big Splash - Peek in our port-hole and see pics from our cruise!
Things We Nose - Take a chance.  There's probably some stuff you need to nose too!
Southern 10 Commandments - Yep and some may just keep you outta trouble!

Me A Michigander??? - Tips on how I'll know if I'm becoming a Michigander or just staying a Texichigan!

Tail-Gate Tours - hop on the tail-gate and let me take ya on a little tour of the area I used to live in!

Texas Talkin' - drop in and I'll help you figure out how to do some Texas Talkin'. (I know I'll never lose this drawl!)

Songbirds - Try your hand at writin' a country song and you just might be a Songbird too!!

Country Cookin' - stop in for some good "down-home" kinda cookin'!

Barnyard Buddies - snoop around the barnyard and meet some of my friends!

Holstein Humor - I love to laugh - so peek in from time to time and see if I can get a belly-laugh out of you too!!
The Hay Loft - Climb up into the loft and see some of my doodlings!

On Eagle's Wings - Soar in and see about an awesome program.

Pick O'The Crop!
Pickin'& Grinnin'! - Somebody did some "pickin" and now I'm "grinnin" from ear to ear!
Chattin' & Chewin'! - #Just4Fun - This is where I pull up a chair, and swap stories with friends from all over the world! Check us out - we're on Starlink-IRC and your more than welcome to pull up a chair too!

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- folks have dropped by since August 28, 1996! Glad you were one of 'em!

Have I told ya lately.........I'm not in Texas anymore? Does that make me a Texichigan?

Heat up your iron and...
If your a snooper... here are a few brands left by others.....

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