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Special “World Thinking Day 2000” Preview

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Neighborhood News

Thinking Day Project - Please HELP!!!

Dear friends,

We are from troop #343 and we are trying to collect 2000 postcards from all over the world. We would like to to have one from every state in the US, every province in Canada, and every country in the world. We started our collection on Feb 1, 1999 and we have 806 postcards. Our deadline date is is Dec 31, 1999. If you can, please help us meet our goal.

Our address is:
GS Troop #343
7723 Gordon Way
Indianapolis, IN

Thank you for helping us complete our project. We are enjoying hearing from many different groups (GS, BS, and everyone else) all over the world. If you include your e-mail addy, we'll let you know when we receive your card and what # it is in our collection.

Patches, Blabber, A.L., J, Mouse, Mrs. S., and Mrs. H. (and two "live" mascots, Kitcat and Birdie)

Suz H.
Jr leader, GS Hoosier Capital Council (Indiana)

Our troop Y2K postcard project is up to #806--e-mail me to help us receive 2000 postcards by 12/31/99! We're missing postcards from 140 WAGGGS countries. gshcc343@JUNO.COM

“Adult Fun Night”

Thursday, January 13, 2000
Discovery Middle School

7:00 – 9:30 P.M.

7:00 – 7:30 Registration and Set-up / Mingle
Entertainment – Games – Displays
Fun – Food – Speakers

For All Adults Involved in Girl Scouts.
Bring a Friend – Show Them the Variety
and Fun Things Leaders Do!!

Slow News Month here – how many double words are there there in this newsletter? The first correct answer to the Editor will get something special at next month’s meeting.

Program Ideas

Let’s Build World Citizenship

Here's an opportunity to join girls around the world in doing community action projects linked to six theme areas identified by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). This powerful initiative will last through the year 2003, giving girls the opportunity to have a real impact on their communities and the world. By participating, you are encouraged to think of the global impact of your local efforts.

Find out more about Building World Citizenship online at WAGGGS

Take an electronic field trip trip to the United Nations

To earn the "Building World Citizenship" patch

  1. Complete one activity from each of of the six theme areas:
    • culture and heritage
    • health
    • food and nutrition
    • education
    • environment
    • peace
  2. Participate in a service project in the theme area of your choice.

Choose activities from these resources for Daisy Girl Scouts


  • Program Activity Cards from The Guide for Daisy Girl Scout Leaders: Portable Investigation Kit, Birdseed Buffet, Water Studies, Sun Prints, What Happens If? Game, Camouflage, Outdoor Sights, Outdoor Sounds, Outdoor Feeling, Outdoor Smells.


  • Program Activity Cards from The Guide for for Daisy Girl Scout Leaders: Reading Stories, Reading Poetry, Alphabet Hike, Storytelling.


  • Other resources— Storybooks for reading aloud and discussion: (Check your library or may be purchased from Free Spirit Publishing, 1-800-735-7323)
  • We Can Get Along: A Child’s Book of Choices by Lauren Murphy Payne ( A Leader’s Guide also available).
  • Make Someone Smile and 40 More Ways to Be a Peaceful Person by Judy Lalli.
  • I Like Being Me: Poems for Children About Feeling Special, Appreciating Others, and Getting Along by Judy Lalli.

    Food and Nutrition

  • Program Activity Cards from The Guide for Daisy Girl Scout Leaders: Fruit Salad, Nutri-Bag, Granola Treats, Party Punch, Soft Pretzels, Applesauce, Mini Pizzas.


  • Program Activity Cards from The Guide for Daisy Girl Scout Leaders: Body Movement, Catch the the Tiger’s Tail, Object Course, Safety Tours, Feelings.

    Culture and Heritage

  • Program Activity Cards from The Guide for Daisy Girl Scout Leaders: A People Album, Children in Other Places. Other resources—

  • Issues for Girl Scouts series: Connections for Daisy Girl Scouts Storybooks for reading aloud and discussion:

  • Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman
  • Nursery Tales Around the World by Jody Sierra
  • The Araboolies of Liberty Street by Sam Swope Program Activity Cards from The Guide for Daisy Girl Scout Leaders: Portable Investigation Kit, Birdseed Buffet, Water Studies, Sun Prints, What Happens If? Game, Camouflage, Outdoor Sights, Outdoor Sounds, Outdoor Feeling, Outdoor Smells.

    Choose activities from these Brownie Girl Scout Try-Its


  • Animals, Earth Is Our Home, Earth and Sky, Outdoor Fun, Outdoor Adventurer, Outdoor Happenings, Plants Plants, Space Explorer, Water Everywhere


  • Careers, Her Story, Math Fun, Me and My Shadow, Movers, Music, Numbers and Shapes, Science in Action, Science Wonders


  • Caring and Sharing , Manners, People of the World

    Food and Nutrition

  • Food Fun , Good Food


  • Dancercize , My Body, Play, Ready, Set, Go, Safety, Senses, Sports and Games

    Culture and Heritage

  • Around the World , Citizen Near and Far, Listening to the Past

    Choose activities from these Junior Girl Scout Badges


  • Dabbler, The World of the Out-of-Doors, Eco-Action, Ecology, Geology, Outdoor Creativity, Outdoor Fun, Outdoor Fun in the City, Plants and Animals, Ready for Tomorrow, Sky Search, Water Fun Fun, Water Wonders, Weather Watch, Wildlife, Your Outdoor Surroundings


  • Aerospace, Books, Careers, Computer Fun, Dabbler, The World of Today and Tomorrow, Discovering Technology, Math Whiz, Ready for for Tomorrow, Science Discovery, Science in Action, Science in the Worlds, Science Sleuth, Technology (Online)


  • Active Citizen , Creative Solutions, Leadership, Making Decisions, My Community, Talk!, You and and Your Community, Women’s Stories

    Food and Nutrition

  • Foods, Fibers, and Farming , Exploring Healthy Eating


  • Dance , First Aid, Frosty Fun, Girls Are Great, Healthy Living, Hiker, Looking Your Best, Safety Sense, Sports, Swimming, Walking for Fitness

    Culture and Heritage

  • Celebrating People , Dabbler, The World of People, Geography Fun, Girl Scouting Around the the World, Junior Citizen, Local Lore, My Heritage, Now and Then: Stories from Around the World, The World in My Community, World Neighbors

    Choose activities from these Cadette and Senior Girl Scout Interest Projects


  • All About Birds, Architecture and Environmental Design, Car Sense, Eco-Action, From Shore to Sea, Home Improvement, Planet Power, Plant Life, Space Exploration, Wildlife


  • Build a Better Future, Computers in Everyday Life, Exploring the Net, Graphic Communications, Inventions and Inquiry, It’s About Time, Math, Maps, and More, Reading, Travel, Why in the World?, Your Own Business


  • Conflict Resolution, Do You Get the Message?, Family Living, Law and Order, Leadership, Media Savvy, Public Relations, Understanding Yourself and Others, Your Best Best Defense

    Food and Nutrition

  • Creative Cooking, The Food Connection


  • Child Care, Emergency Preparedness, From Stress to Success, From Fitness to Fashion, High Adventure, On the Court, On the Playing Field, Orienteering, Outdoor Survival, Pets, Rolling Along Along, Smooth Sailing, Sports for Life, Water Sports

    Culture and Heritage

  • A World of Understanding, Collecting, Folk Arts, Generations Hand in Hand, Heritage Hunt, Invitation to the Dance, Museum Discovery, On a High High Note, Paper Works, The Lure of Language, Travel, Women Through Time

    Service Project Ideas


  • Do a service project that helps the environment.


  • Do a service project that helps people in the community understand the the importance of education and lifelong learning.


  • Do a service project that helps people learn to get along better.

    Food and Nutrition

  • Do a service project that helps people who are hungry or or teaches people about healthy foods.


  • Do a service project that helps people exercise, be safe, and feel good about themselves.

    Culture and Heritage

  • Do a service project that helps people learn about things they have in common with others.

    Girl Scout Resources


  • Earth Matters: A Challenge for Environmental Action; Exploring Wildlife Communities with with Children; Fun and Easy Nature and Science Investigations; Outdoor Education in Girl Scouting; Developing Health and Fitness: Be Your Best! Booklet.


  • Issues for Girl Scouts: Read to Lead


  • Caring and Coping: Facing Family Crises; Focus on Ability: A Leaders’ Guide to Serving Girls with Disabilities; Talking With TJ: Team Work; Talking With TJ: Conflict Resolution

    Food and Nutrition

  • Developing Health and Fitness: Be Your Best! booklet, video, poster, and board game


  • GirlSports 2000 Activities; Decisions for Your Life: Preventing Teenage Pregnancy; Games for Girl Scouts; Girl Scouts Against Smoking; Issues for Girl Scouts: Girls Are Great; Off and Running: Exploring Sports Careers; Sports Coloring Book for Daisy Girl Scouts; Sports Diary (for Brownie, Junior, Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts); Tune in to Well-Being, Say No to Drugs: Substance Abuse; Staying Safe: Preventing Child Abuse

    Culture and Heritage

  • Issues for Girl Scouts: Connections; Valuing Differences: Promoting Pluralism; Trefoil Round the World

    Troop Talk

    Daisy Doings

    This section is for you, the Daisy Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

    Brownie Bits

    This section is for you, the Brownie Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

  • Troop # 224 (Sue F / Gail B / Laurie H) - The girls had a great time visiting the Franz Bakery on an early dismissal day in October. The girls got to tour the entire bakery, watching each step of production and sampling a loaf of fresh-baked bread. For Juliette Low's birthday party, the troop decided to bring a gift they thought another child their age might enjoy. The girls took turns unwrapping the art, craft, and school supplies that were eventually donated to children at the Inn at Orchards. In November, the girls and their Moms attended the Juliette Low tour at Discovery Middle School. The girls (and Moms) learned even more about Juliette and had their picture taken with her. At one of their meetings, the girls used looms made out of shoeboxes and created an original weaving design using beads. They are all working on a special flag weaving to take up up to Camp Homestead in the Spring. This month they created a snowman out of a brick as a family gift and are planning to carol at a local retirement center.

    Junior Journal

    This section is for you, the Junior Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

  • Troop # 721 (Lynne K) - Our troop celebrated the holidays on the 4th by having a party at the leaders house and working on several projects and a smattering of badge requirements. As service projects we put together a food basket to be given to the food bank and donated to a local family for their holiday meal and we made hair clips decorated with ribbons and beads. We made millennium Celebration Capsules for ourselves and ornaments to share with our families. A fun meal of of tacos, burritos and ice cream sundaes rounded out our evening. We will continue to work on "Girl Scouts in the U.S.A." as we say good bye to 1999.

  • Troop # 791 (Virginia S. & Jeannie S.) - For our November meeting we made turkey hats and delivered them to the Orchard Inn. The girls had lots of fun with this project and wished they'd have had more time to make them each one to keep. The girls continue to to work on badges at home and bring in things to share with the rest of the troop. We spent most of our last meeting practicing Christmas carols. We are getting used to meeting every other week instead of weekly. We believe it has kept the girls looking forward to each meeting. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

  • Troop # 811 (Maggie M) - We had our first meeting October 25 when outdoor soccer season ended. The girls were glad to be starting a new Girl Scout year as Juniors. They talked about their goals for the year, badges to work on, field trips to go on, and service project ideas. They made made Halloween door magnets to give to the residents of the Hampton and ghost pops to take home as a treat.

    In November the girls voted on a troop crest and began to work on the Healthy Relationships badge as a troop. They made turkey napkin rings to use at their Thanksgiving feasts. For service this month the girls planted bulbs at Hearthwood School.

    For our December meeting the girls learned card stamping and embossing and made Christmas cards, recipe cards, and note cards for Christmas gifts. They made candy reindeer to hand out when we go Christmas caroling at the hospital.

  • Troop # 1635 (Diana Shaw) - We have added two new girls which puts our troop to 6 juniors. The girls finished the Water Fun badge. They loved canoeing on LaCamas Lake Lake. They have been working on the Leadership Badge and Leadership Pin the last three months. Their final project for the Leadership Badge is to feed the homeless. They will be making pies for the Share House and serving lunch to the 170 plus men that attend. Since the Share House lost all their Christmas decorations in a fire last year they are also making new decorations and will be decorating the dining room for the homeless shelter.

    They helped with registration at the PSU/Girl Scout Council Basketball clinic in November. Over 200 Girl Scouts attended.

    There last meeting for 1999 was December 7th. They made Christmas crafts which were a candle with candy cane holder and a snowman made out of a sock. The next meeting will be January 11 where they will be getting psyched to sell Girl Scout cookies.

    Cadette & Senior Sentinel

    This section is for you, the Cadette or Senior Troop Leader or Cadette or Senior Girl, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

    Dates to Remember

    December 13 …………………………Neighborhood Meeting
    ……………………………………...…..Cookie Training
    December 23-January 1 ……………..Office and Shop Closed
    December 18-19 ……………………….#Zoolights Zoo Snooze
    December 25 …………………………………………..Christmas
    …………………...#Annual Breakfast for the Homeless
    January 1 ………………………………………..New Year’s Day
    …………...#Registration Open for March-June events
    January 3 ………...……………………..Neighborhood Meeting
    January 13 ……………….…..Clark County Adult Fun Night
    January 15 …………..……………#Cookie Order Taking starts
    January 25 ……………..………….#Cookie Order Taking ends

    # = Council Event - not all events listed. Please check your G.R.E.A.T. Guide for more information.

    Service Team

    1999-2000 Service Team

    Neighborhood Co-Chairs……Deb W / Roxanne G / Judy C
    Membership Team …………..Carol J / Lynn K / Virginia S / Suzanne B
    Leader Support Team …(Brownie) Natalie L / (Daisy) Nichole J / (Brownie) Sue F / (Cadette) Roxanne G
    Communications Team ……...Carol H
    Finance/Cookie Team………...Linda S / Jan A / Deb W
    Awards & Recognition Team…..LeAnn C / Helen S / Diane K
    Events Team …………………..Zina Y / Diana A
    Community Resource Team…......Lisa P / Mary Beth J / Carol H

    Mirror Contributors

    Editor………………………..…………….….Gail B
    Special Thinking Day Preview ………..…WAGGGS & Gail B
    Program Ideas……………………………………....Gail B
    Troop News……………………………………………Our Troops

    “KEWL” Internet Site of the Month
    A new or fun place each month with ideas that can be used with troops…especially for those leaders connected online!
    Kids Snow Page


    How it all began...
    Thinking Day will be 74 years old next year

    The idea for a special day each year on which Girl Guide/Girl Scouts around the world think of each other originated at the 4th International Conference held in the USA in 1926. The date chosen for Thinking Day was 22 February, the joint birthdays of the Founder, Lord Baden-Powell and the World Chief Guide, Olave, Lady Baden-Powell.

    The idea was further developed at the 7th World Conference held in Poland in 1932. A Belgian delegate at that Conference suggested that since birthdays usually mean presents, a way way of showing appreciation and friendship would be for all Girl Guides/Girl Scouts to offer a voluntary contribution in addition to their thoughts on Thinking Day. This was the origin of the Thinking Day Fund as it was then called.

    The suggestion caught on quickly and the Thinking Day Fund was established for the promotion of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting wherever the need was greatest. In 1933, £520.12s.6d was collected for the Thinking Day Fund. The suggestion of one penny — "a penny for your thoughts" — or the equivalent is, of course, symbolic today.

    How was the Thinking Day Fund used when it was still in its infancy? In 1941, the Thinking Day appeal was for the purpose of helping Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting in countries suffering from the effects of the Second World War. Money received for the fund in 1943 included donations from Cuba and from Mexico, the first time money had been received from Latin America. Writing in "The Council Fire" that year, the then Director of the World Bureau wrote: "Thinking Day is unquestionably a reality in our World Movement. Even now, in the middle of a world war war which calls for for money and attention from every citizen everywhere, Guides and Brownies have already sent more than £130 for the World Thinking Day this year. And still the money dribbles in".

    In 1945 a special Thinking Day Fund "Helping Hand Appeal" was launched to help Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in the war-devastated countries to re-establish the Movement in their countries. The target was to raise £2,000 before the end of the year and by the end of September 1945 three-quarters of this sum had already been received. The "Helping Hand Appeal" stayed open until the end of 1946. There was a wonderful response to this appeal, money being raised in a number of ways: one Guide Company sold snowdrops, another raised money with a Scottish Country Dance evening. With the donations received came suggestions and requests as to how the Fund should be used. One Brownie Pack requested their donation of one shilling and seven pence (approx. 8 pence in today’s money) be divided: 1d. to Iceland; 1d. to Hungary; 1d. to Greece; 2d. to Holland; 2d. to Belgium; 3d. to Poland; 4d. to France and 5d. to Norway!.

    In 1957 — the Centenary Year of the birth of the Founder, Lord Baden-Powell — the World Bureau produced a Thinking Day gramophone record which was recorded in the EMI Studios in London. Among the items on the record is the World Song, the Maori Stick Game, a Zulu Lullaby and a Thinking Day greeting from the World Chief Guide. We are sending you a cassette so that you can can also enjoy some part of the history of Thinking Day.

    A Thinking Day song was composed in 1975 by Sue Stevens of the UK.

    In July 1999 at the 30th World Conference, the new name of World Thinking Day was was adopted, emphasizing the world aspect of Thinking Day.

    Finally, there is an event that takes place every year in London to mark the birthdays of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell. Each year on the Saturday nearest to Thinking Day, a Thinking Day and Founder’s service is held in Westminster Abbey, London. Among the wreaths laid on the Founder’s Memorial is one on behalf of WAGGGS made up of blue and gold flowers depicting the World Association Badge. Although there had been a memorial stone dedicated to Lord Baden-Powell in the Abbey since 1941, in 1981 a memorial stone was dedicated to Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, the first double memorial in the Abbey.

    As we celebrate Thinking Day perhaps we should also also remember that anonymous Belgian delegate whose suggestion 68 years ago, to give "a penny for your thoughts" has enabled WAGGGS to further the work of the World Association throughout the world.

    Ideas for Activities and Celebrations

    Depending on climates, cultures, traditions and special conditions, World Thinking Day celebrations and activities take many forms.

    At local level

    • A party
    • A barbecue or an indoor feast with foods from a variety variety of countries, or with an emphasis on food from a particular country.
    • A get-together with national costumes or Girl Guide/Girl Scout uniforms from one or several Member Organizations.
    • A musical event with songs from other countries — Girl Guide/ Girl Scout ones and national ones
    • A traditional "camp fire".
    • A "sharing" event
      • with slides of Girl Guide/Girl Scout camps and events in other countries
      • with slides, pictures, newspaper cuttings about other countries generally
      • with someone from another country as a guest/speaker
      • with a former Girl Guide/Girl Scout sharing her experiences
      • with girls/young women of other nationalities in the local community
      • with adult women of other national nationalities in the local community meeting former members/former member groups/Trefoil Guilds etc.
      • showing the video " Sisters all ... Friends forever"
    • Poster/model making
      • Depicting Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting in one or several countries (uniforms, names for sections, information from Trefoil Round the World, Our World News (in some countries books and leaflets).
    • Building World Citizenship evening
      • Sharing information about the projects
      • Undertaking a project on the evening
      • Planning a project with this theme.
    • Direct communication
      • Phoning, faxing, e-mailing Girl Guides/Girl Scouts in another country
      • Writing letters/postcards for mailing to to Girl Girl Guides/Girl Scouts in other countries
      • Tapping into the WAGGGS Website and leaving a message on the visitors’ page
    • A quiz
      • With questions about WAGGGS, the four World Centres, Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting in other countries. (Information from Trefoil Round the World).
    • Imaginary world trips
      • Games with passports, foreign stamps, money and postcards and special challenges or projects in each of the countries "visited". (Countries from different Regions of WAGGGS perhaps).
    • "Other language" activities
      • Miming games to describe places and things
      • Learning some words of other languages (from from someone living locally or by exploring foreign newspapers).
      • Using a non-Mother tongue being learnt at school
      • Singing in another language (action songs).
    • Map reading and flag activities
      • Games based on identifying the locations of countries on a map or globe.
    • Publicizing Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting
      • If appropriate wearing uniform at school, at work, wearing the WAGGGS year 2000 logo, the World Thinking Day Badge, the World Badge.
    • Rallies and marches - Bringing together larger groups of Girl Guides / Girl Scouts
      • Indoors
      • Out doors
      • Gatherings to celebrate the the spiritual dimension of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting
      • Dawn meetings (being part of the chain of World Thinking Day, thinking which starts at dawn in the Pacific on 22 February and ends at dusk in the West Coast of the Americas).
    • World Centre Programmes
      • Slides, songs, activities based on the history, location and specific interests of one or more of the World Centres.
      • A presentation by someone who has visited one of the World Centres.


    World Thinking Day ceremonies take place in many countries and are of many different kinds.

    • Flag ceremonies
      • Usually flag ceremonies, however brief, will be formal occasions
      • Using the World Flag (and explaining the significance of its various elements)
      • Using the flags of other countries or Member Organizations
      • bringing together larger groups of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts
    • Candle ceremonies
      • Using candles in various representational ways to highlight:
      • The original Promise and Law
      • Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting
      • Some of the 140 Member Organizations
      • Similar ceremonies with oil lamps/torches.
    • Ceremonies with doves
      • release of doves symbolizing peace
    • Ceremonies involving "chains of friendship"
      • Hand chains
      • Paper chains
    • Reflections
      • Readings, quotations, slides, music drawn from the cultures and traditions of other countries.
    • Music, dance, drama illustrating the Movement
      • Using the World Song
      • Using the World Thinking Day Song
      • Using discs, tapes, CDs of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting music from other countries
    • The Birthday aspect
      • 22 February birthday cakes with suitable decorations (blue and yellow, the Trefoil etc).
      • Blue and yellow ribbon decorations.
    • Ways of collecting money
      • special World Thinking day bazaars or fun fairs
      • using the World Thinking Day money box
      • World Thinking Day concert
      • a coin for every year that you have been a Girl Guide/ Girl Scout
      • special collection at the World Thinking Day Ceremony

    Thinking Day Shoebox Exchange

    Thinking Day is the birthday of both Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Boy Scouts, and his wife Lady Baden-Powell, the World Chief Guide. Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all over the world world celebrate this day in International Friendship and World Peace.

    This year celebrate Thinking Day by swapping with other Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from around the world. We are currently compiling a list of troops who are interested in participating in this project. If your troop is interested in in swapping with another troop, please let us know by filling out the form so we can match you up with a troop. Deadline for submissions is December 31, 1999. To sign up online go to:

    Ideas for things to swap:
    Crafts, recipes, games, troop information, council information, patches, postcards, photos of your troop in uniform...anything you feel another troop would be interested in knowing about you.

    Our Goal is to get 2000 or more Girls to participate. Pass this this information on to other troops.

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