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Black Rock Ranch

Black Rock Ranch, located in the foothills of the Cookson Mountains in Oklahoma, is home to four dogs and three cats plus some hard-working "ranch hands"...the meowmies of Genghis Kahn, PRINCE of CLAW and his buddy, Nikita La Femme, PRINCESS of CLAW. Genghis and Nikita rule but the Schipperkes, Ace, Joker and Dondi might not agree! There is a wolf-mix named Shadow too! Below is Joker's newest 2004 picture.

In July 2003, we lost our beloved Lt. We will carry him in our hearts forever. He was a wonderful fellow. Since then we have lost our wonderful Poco and Missy, our two horses. We had them many years and will miss them very much.

In the Spring, we journeyed into northwest Arkansas to see President George W. Bush in person. Click link to see pics we made there.

This year has also brought about the completion of some new Buildings at Black Rock. Click link to see our latest additions. We also offer some pics of the Construction Phase.

Nikita La Femme - June 2002


OBEDIENCE for the Boyz-2002

Our NEW 2002 Album of the latest pics!

Click on our new pic of DONDI to meet him!
Meet Dondi

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