Statement of Commitment
(Extended Travel)

The following is a Statement of Commitment regarding the proposed trip to _______________ to take place in ______ (year). It is anticipated that this trip is _______________ in length.


Because trips of this sort require much planning and because trips of this sort mean more to girls who are committed to the Girl Scout program, the following guidelines have been set to insure that the commitment is there.

  1. Each participant must attend a minimum of 80% of the scheduled trip planning meetings. It is anticipated that there will be at least one planning meeting held each month. These meetings will be in addition to the regular troop meetings - not in place of them.
  2. Each girl must attend a minimum of 80% of the troop's regular weekly troop meetings.(Means you can only miss 1 out of every 5 regular troop meetings).
  3. The girls will determine what the criteria for each fund-raiser will be, i.e., how much participation is required of each participant.


  1. A preliminary budget will be established at the first meeting (anticipated to be approximately $________ per person) A $________ deposit is required no later than _____________ and is non-refundable if a girl cancels.
  2. A girl may deposit any amount of personal money toward the trip at any time.
  3. Contingency Fund: When a budget is established, a 10% contingency amount will be determined. Any amount of the fund not needed for emergencies on the trip will be distributed back into the troop fund upon return unless it is agreed to plan another trip; in which case, the girls will determine how much to leave in the Contingency Account.
  4. Funds left over after the trip will be forwarded to the Troop general account unless another trip is anticipated. No refunds will be made to individual girls.
  5. Girls and parents agree to abide by the financial schedule to be distributed after the budget is established. The purpose of the schedule is to spread out the amount of money needed for the trip .
  6. Troop Dues must be maintained current
  7. It is anticipated that no more than 50% of the funds will be raised by troop fund- raising efforts. This does not mean that we will not earn more if the opportunity arises. The remainder is the responsibility of the individual family. Spending money will not be included in the budget and is the responsibility of the family.
  8. Since trips require adult participation, the amount raised through fundraising will cover a proportionate amount of the adult expenses.
  9. Several outings will be planned in preparation for this trip which could range from daytrips to going out to dinner to perhaps an overnight. The cost of these preparation trips are not included in the budget. They will be scheduled with each girl's schedule in mind so that each participant can attend as they are very a important part in the preparation for our trip.

Clothing and Equipment:

  1. A full Girl Scout Uniform will be required for this trip and it is understood that the troop will travel in uniform.
    Uniforms are not included in the budget. The full Girl Scout Uniform includes the "dress uniform" as well as the "camp uniform" as described below:
  2. Uniforms will be worn for fund-raisers. Girls will be notified which Uniform is appropriate for each fund-raiser.
  3. All girls will be required to wear a working wrist watch during the duration of the trip. This will not be included in the budget.
  4. A neck money pouch will be required along with appropriate identification. Costs for these items will not be included in the budget
  5. .
  6. Each girl will be required to have a binder for this trip. This is to be a separate binder from her troop binder. It should be brought to each planning meeting and it should contain the following items:


  1. If a girl decides to cancel, all personal money deposited will be refunded to her, except the non-refundable deposit; except that no refunds will be made after transportation, accommodation, or other costs have been paid.
  2. If a girl decides to cancel, all money earned as part of a Trip Fund Raising Project will be used where needed in the general trip fund.
  3. A girl's space in the trip will not be filled if she decides to cancel.
  4. If a girl cancels, she may not re-join the trip at a later time.
  5. No girl will be added to the trip after ____________; and then only if the participant is willing to deposit all money due for the trip by that date.
  6. If a girl leaves the troop, she automatically cancels her position with regards to the trip. All money will be retained by the troop except as stated in #1 above


  1. Girls will at all times conduct themselves in a Scoutly manner. See Statement of Conduct.
  2. Girls will stay with the troop for the entire trip.
  3. Each girl will be responsible for her own personal gear at all times. An equipment list will follow when necessary.
  4. Girls who exhibit inappropriate behavior (see Statement of Conduct) during outings in preparation for the trip will be dealt with as follows:
  5. If it is deemed at any time that a girl does not have the maturity necessary to go on this trip, Leader will inform parent, and girl will be removed from the trip. Money will only be returned per the Cancellation section above.

I have read the above conditions and agree to abide by them. I realize that participation as outlined above does not guarantee a trip. I understand that failure to follow the above will result in either being sent home from the trip early (at parent's expense), or not being permitted at all.

Parents and participants, please sign below and make a copy for your records. A good place to keep the copy would be in your Trip Binder.



Participant's Signature




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