Statement of Conduct

Every event must have some rules and regulations to insure each individual's rights and the safety of everyone. The following STATEMENT OF CONDUCT for participants of Troop _____'s trip to ___________________________is based on GSUSA standards and in no way implies that a girl is not trustworthy or responsible. It merely establishes a common ground for all participants in the event a behavior problem arises.

  1. I will remember that I represent an international organization and that behavior appropriate to the Girl Scout Promise and Law is expected at all times:
  2. I will stay with the troop for the entire trip:
  3. I will carry all vital documents on my body at all times:
  4. I will remember that I am a visitor and that I represent my home town & country:
  5. I will remember that I represent Girl Scouts and my home Council:
  6. I will be responsible for taking care of my own belongings at all times and for keeping my things neat and orderly. I will be responsible for their loss or damage due to my own negligence or neglect. For this reason, I agree to leave all valuables at home.
  7. I understand that the adult advisors will phone the Emergency Contact person when deemed necessary by the group leaders. The Emergency Contact person will have a number where the group can be reached in an emergency. I understand that because time and facilities are not always available and because phone calls tend to be disruptive to the event as well as expensive, I will plan on calling home during the event only when deemed appropriate by the trip leaders and only at my own expense. I understand that my parents will not call me during the trip but will notify the Emergency Contact if they need to get in touch with me for any reason.
  8. I will remember that I am a member of a group and will respect the rights of the other girls and the adult advisors.
  9. I will expect to receive the same respect from the adult advisors and other girls that I give them.

Infringement of these conditions will be dealt with on an individual basis and according to the severity of the infraction.

I have read this STATEMENT OF CONDUCT and agree to abide by it. If I should choose to violate any of the conditions set forth, I realize that I may be sent home from the trip and any increase in cost of accommodations and transportation will be the responsibility of myself and my parents and that the trip leaders will make the travel arrangements and notify my parent/guardian of those plans.

Parents and participants please sign below, make a copy for records and return the original.




Signature of Girl Participant


I understand and agree with the above responsibilities of my daughter

Signature of Parent



To Statement of Commitment

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