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Welcome friends & neighbors... whether you have accidentally stumbled into my kitchen or you came here on purpose, I hope you find some recipes you'll like. I am a country cook at heart and love trying out new recipes. I am currently (as of 9-5-98) renovating this section of my site, if there are broken and/or missing links, please let me know but I should have them all worked out soon. Thanks for your patience....

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This site updated in February of 1998
NEW Crockpot Recipes!

The Crockpot is smellin' good! Let's go see what's cookin'!

The Cookie Jar has been left open on the counter, if you are careful you can sneak a peek at some of the delicious homemade country cookies!

There are some Pies that were left on the window sill to cool, take a look and smell their glorious aroma!

As you look in the fridge for a snack, you see someone has made some Cold Salads that look truly inviting!

I heard there are some Goodies in the cupboard, let's go see!

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