Welcome! We are The Berrier Family...

Howdy Folks! Glad you stopped by to meet us.
Here is a little bit about each of us with some photos too!

  • The story of how Steven & I met

  • Go to the studio in the back and meet Steven, the love of my life.

  • Now wander on over to the play area where you will find Shelbi playing with her toys.

  • And if you dare, peek in & see me ( Diana)! I'm probably in front of the PC HTMLing and creating graphics as always!!

  • If you look under the blankets in the living room you will find our cat, Sparky.

  • As of July 5, 1998 we also have a couple of Parakeets now too!! We actually got them around March but I haven't updated this part of the web site in a long long time! :o) Their names are Tweety & Areal. They are always "freaking out" as Shelbi would say *laugh* They always seem to be REALLY happy whenever she is trying to watch Little Bear!