Heralds of Freedom: The Hutchinson Family Singers: Table of Contents
Heralds of Freedom
The Hutchinson Family Singers

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Table of Contents

Wild Mountain Singing

Chapter 1  Part 1  1800-1841

Chapter 1  Part 2  1841-1842

With a Band of Music

Chapter 2  Part 1  1842-1843

Chapter 2  Part 2  1843

Roll It Along Through the Nation

Chapter 3  Part 1  1844

Chapter 3  Part 2  1844-1845

A Life on the Ocean Wave

Chapter 4  Part 1  1845-1846

Chapter 4  Part 2  1846

A Sigh for the Mountains: The Home Branch

Chapter 5  1845-1846

A Harp Played Upon by the Wind

Chapter 6  1846

Old High Rock

Chapter 7  Part 1  1846

Chapter 7  Part 2  1846-1847

The Glorious Day Is Coming Near

Chapter 8  Part 1  1848

Chapter 8  Part 2  1848

Our Banner Is Unfurled

Chapter 9  Part 1  1848

Chapter 9  Part 2  1848-1849

Lights and Shadows

Chapter 10  Part 1  1849-1850

Chapter 10  Part 2  1850

Other Days As Bright As Those Just Past

Chapter 11  Part 1  1850-1851

Chapter 11  Part 2  1851-1852

Ho!  for California

Chapter 12  Part 1  1852

Chapter 12  Part 2  1852-1853

Take Off Your Coats, Boys, and Roll Up Your Sleeves

Chapter 13  Part 1  1853-1854

Chapter 13  Part 2  1855-1857

The Tribe of Asa

Chapter 14  Part 1  1857-1859

Chapter 14  Part 2  1859-1861

Kingdom Coming

Chapter 15  Part 1  1861-1863

Chapter 15  Part 2  1863-1865

Of Thee I Sing

Chapter 16  Part 1  1865-1868

Chapter 16  Part 2  1868-1870

Vineyard Church and Temperance Work

Chapter 17  Part 1  1870-1873

Chapter 17  Part 2  1873-1874

Sing Sing Sing

Chapter 18  Part 1  1875-1876

Chapter 18  Part 2  1876-1877

Westward Ho!

Chapter 19  Part 1  1877-1879

Chapter 19  Part 2  1879-1880

The Gilded Age

Chapter 20  Part 1  1880-1883

Chapter 20  Part 2  1883-1886

Come Let Us Part

Chapter 21  Part 1  1884-1891

Chapter 21  Part 2  1891-1893

With Angel Voices Blending

Chapter 22  Part 1  1894-1902

Chapter 22  Part 2  1903-1908

Merry Melodeon

Afterword  and  Reference Lists

Bibliography of Scores of Songs Sung by the Hutchinsons

Part One

Part Two

The Alleghanians, "Voice and Spirit"  (Biographical Booklet)

The Alleghanians Home Page

Our Own Native Land

Chapter 1  Part 1  1846-1849

Chapter 1  Part 2  1849-1850

The Day of Promise

Chapter 2  Part 1  1851-1852

Chapter 2  Part 2  1852

To Dream in the Golden City  (or, How Mr. Oakley Learned To Fly)

Chapter 3  Part 1  1852

Chapter 3  Part 2  1852

The Spirit's Serenade

Chapter 4  Part 1  1852-1853

Chapter 4  Part 2  1853-1855

The House the Buckleys Built

Chapter 5  Part 1  1855-1856

Chapter 5  Part 2  1856

The South Seas

Chapter 6  Part 1  1856-1859

Chapter 6  Part 2  1859-1861

Songs of Yesterday

Chapter 7  Part 1  1861-1866

Chapter 7  Part 2  1866-1869

Sweet as a Punch

Chapter 8  Part 1  1869-1872

Chapter 8  Part 2  1873-1882

Songs Sung by the Alleghanians

Bibliography of Scores  Part 1

Bibliography of Scores  Part 2

Abbreviations and Other Non-Selfexplanatory Devices Used in This Work

cf  -  Compare.

col  -  Column.

e.g.  -  For example.

f  -  And the following page.

It is hard to imagine under what circumstances I would have used this abbreviation; but I am including it here, since it forms a pair with the much more useful  ff  which appears below.

ff  -  And the following pages.

n.d.  -  No date.

p  -  Page.

pp  -  Pages.

r  -  "R" refers to a right-hand page of a conventionally-bound book or to the front side of a leaf or folio such as those things called "Items" in the best-known Hutchinson family scrapbook.  Here is an example:

"Coming Right Along; or, Right Over Wrong," s.l.: s.n., n.d., in Item 73r, Ludlow Patton's Hutchinson Family Scrapbook, Wadleigh Memorial Library, Milford, New Hampshire. In this instance, Item 73r means the front side of Item 73.

s.l.  -  Sine loco; or, without place. As used in this work, s.l. would normally mean that the place of publication is not included with an information source. See also s.n.

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v  -  "V" refers to a left-hand page of a conventionally-bound book or to the back side of a leaf or folio such as those things called "Items" in the best-known Hutchinson family scrapbook.  Here is an example:

Jesse Hutchinson, Jr., "Letter from New York," s.l.: s.n., n.d., in Item 42v, Ludlow Patton's Hutchinson Family Scrapbook, Wadleigh Memorial Library, Milford, New Hampshire. In this instance, Item 42v means the back side of Item 42.

A book's copyright notice is often found on the title page's verso.

David, Noah, Andrew, Zephy,   Caleb, Joshua, Jess and Beny,
Judson, Rhoda, John and Asa,   And Abby are our names.

We're the sons of Mary   Of the tribe of Jesse
And we now address ye   With our native mountain song.

Heralds of Freedom

Behold the day of promise comes,  full of inspiration

The blessed day by prophets sung for the healing of the nation

Old midnight errors flee away, they soon will all be gone

While heavenly angels seem to say the good time's coming on

The good time, the good time, the good time's coming on

The good time, the good time, the good time's coming on

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Massachusetts, MA, Mass.; Minnesota, Minn., MN; New Hampshire, N. H., NH; New Jersey, N.J., NJ. Essex County, Hillsboro County, Hillsborough County, McLeod County. Lynn Massachusetts, Hutchinson Minnesota, Amherst New Hampshire, Milford New Hampshire, Mont Vernon New Hampshire, Orange New Jersey, City of New York City. Cellist, cello, fiddle, fiddler, melodeon player, violin, violinist, violoncello. Baptist, Christian Science, Christian Scientist, Congregational, Congregationalist, Methodist, Unitarian Universalist. The Book of Brothers, Carol Brink Harps in the Wind: The Story of the Singing Hutchinsons, Carol Ryrie Brink, Carol R Brink, Dale Cockrell Excelsior: Journals of the Hutchinson Family Singers 1842-1846, John Wallace Hutchinson "Story of the Hutchinsons (Tribe of Jesse)", "Story of the Hutchinsons", Joshua Hutchinson A Brief Narrative of the Hutchinson Family, Philip Jordan, Philip Dillon Jordan, Philip D Jordan Singin Yankees, Phil Jordan, Ludlow Patton The Hutchinson Family Scrapbook. Index: Singing Yankees. 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930. Birth, born, death, died, divorce, divorced, maiden, marriage, married, single, unmarried. Ancestry, www.ancestry.com, the Boston Globe, family history, genealogy. Abolition, abolitionism, abolitionist, anniversary, anti-slavery, antislavery, audience, band, biography, chorus, church, the Civil War, company, compose, composer, composition, concert, convention, entertain, entertainment, folk music, folk songs, folksongs, group, harmony, High Rock in Lynn, Hutchison, instrument, instrumental, lyricist, lyrics, meeting, musician, N E, NE, NEMS, New England Music Scrapbook, Northeast, Northeastern, the Old Granite State, practice, profile, program, quartet, rehearsal, rehearse, religious left, repertoire, research, the Revels' Circle of Song, show, singer, social reform, social reformer, song writer, songwriter, stage, equal suffrage, suffragette, equal suffragist, impartial suffrage, impartial suffragist, temperance, tour, the Tribe of Jesse, trio, troupe, verse, vocal, vocalist, woman's rights, women's rights, words. Abby Hutchinson, Abby J Hutchinson, Andrew Hutchinson, Andrew B. Hutchinson, Asa Hutchinson, Asa Burnham Hutchinson, Asa B Hutchinson, Benjamin Hutchinson, Benjamin Pierce Hutchinson, Benjamin P Hutchinson, Caleb Hutchinson, David Hutchinson, Jesse Hutchinson Jr, Jesse Hutchinson Junior, Jesse Hutchinson Jun, John Hutchinson, John Wallace Hutchinson, John W Hutchinson, Joshua Hutchinson, Judson Hutchinson, Adoniram Judson Joseph Hutchinson, Judson J Hutchinson, J J Hutchinson, Noah Hutchinson, Noah Bartlett Hutchinson, Noah B Hutchinson, Zephaniah Hutchinson, Zephaniah Kittredge Hutchinson, Zephaniah K Hutchinson, Z K Hutchinson. Heralds of Freedom: The Hutchinson Family Singers: Table of Contents