The Tents of History
Part 9. 14th Century
Edited by Stephen Francis Wyley
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Early 14th century (Le Roman de Lancelot de Lac et La Mort de Arthur)
Early 14th century (The Siege of Jerusalem)
Early 14th century (Cassydorus, Siege of Constantinople)
1312 - 1317 A.D. (Scenes from the Life of St Marrtin (St. Martin Renounces his Weapons)
Cappella di San Martino of San Fancesco, Assisi)  Link to picture
1314 A.D. (Rashid al-Din’s Jami al-Tawaikh)   Link to picture
1328 A.D. (Simone Martinis fresco of Guidoriccio da Fogliano at the Siege of Monte Massi) Link to picture
1340 A.D. (Luttrell Psalter)
Mid 14th century (Histoire ancienne)
1350 A.D. (Roman de Troie)  Link to picture
1350s (Historia destructionis Troiae)
1370 A.D. (Hanging scene, Hazine 2153)
About 1370 A.D. (Historia destructionis Troiae)
About 1370 A.D. (Psalter of Humphrey de Bohun)
1396 A.D. (Altichiero, The Battle of Clavijo)
1400 A.D. (Grandes Chroniques de France)  Link to pictures
1400 A.D. (Bible History of the Jews)
14th century (Mongol Court) Link to picture
14th century (Pontifical de Sens)
14th century (Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. ms verandas 12559) Link to picture
14th century (Chroniques de St. Denis)   Link to picture
14th century (Crusaders attacking Saracens)
14th century (William of Tyr, Saintes Chroniques d’Outremer, The Battle of Dorylaeum)
14th century (Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Bodl. 264, fol 22r)
14th century (Warriors scale the walls of a besieged city with ladders)
14th century (The Tree of Battles: the Hundreds Year’s War)
14th century (Titus Livy, Ab urbe condita)
14th century (Lucan, ‘De bello civili’)
14th century (The Catalan Atlas)  Link to picture
Late 14th century (Mythistorima Tou Alexandrou (The Alexander Romance))

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