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Updated Feb 17, 2004

The Stacks What would a library be without them?


Fan Fiction Because some people didn't know what stacks are, got really confused for a while, wandered in circles, and finally bumped into the reluctant librarian.

Updates An ever growing collection of old news, tattered brochures, and other such gems.

Submissions Do you have a fine piece of literature that belongs here? More to the point, are you willing to let me use it? As I invested the century's bugdet on a good pair of chopsticks, this library depends on your charity.

On Order Is there something you'd like to see, but doesn't exist (yet)? Need some help getting over a few strategically placed writer's blocks? Come this way.

Other Places to Be Yes, the Universe is a mind bogglingly big place, and no hitchhiker likes keeping still for long. Here's some possible places to wander aimlessly to...

Contact Me Suggestions? Comments? Concerns? Complaints? Questions to Life, the Universe, and Everything? These are the reasons I get up in the evening (or at least make an honest effort to check my mail once a week).

Hey! Want to be part of the Counterth best book of all time? Sure you do!

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Douglas Adams owned the Hitchhiker's Trilogy, and all the characters, ideas, and arithmetic theories that implies. Now, I suppose, his publishers and/or heirs do, which is a rather depressing thought. The authors who wrote them own the other fine examples of literature contained in this site. Yahoo owns the site. I don't know what that leaves me with, but it isn't much.