Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Chibimoon Music

The following are lyrics done by me and my friends. (Each is credited). The actual music will be made as soon as I get more of my friends to submit to me and do some of the music. ^.~. Some of it is in Japanese. (has translations, which I'm doing slowly and properly with a translation program I found).

Original Anime

Dedication- Actually this is an image song for a later character.. ^^;; Sailor Evania. She takes a critical role in BSSCMAngels, but I don't want to spoil who she is. Though I will tell you that the person is hidden in the last stanza.

Himitsu The title means secret. The first ending song to BSSCMG. I think the song would have sort of a wind feel to it. Something like a whisper through the trees, and I think the music should also emulate the night and the lake and have sort of a sense of peace. The kind you feel when you wish on a star.

Hi no Kokoro- The theme song for Vesta. Something passionate and intense. Something that's fiery and has conviction to it.

Kokoro- The second ending song in BSSCM Angels. Starts out slow and picks up tempo. Has shouting capabilities. I could only get part of it translated into Japanese, and I'm not even sure it's correct!

Magic- This will be the second ending song to the fourth season. I already have a possible person to compose the music.. if it doesn't work.. the notes should have a progressive and magical feel to them. Also the music should emphasis the lyrics rather than get wrapped up in rythum so much. Melodyish. Something that feels lingering.

Moon Dream- The beginning song to BSSCMF-BSSCMES. This is an up tempo song. It has a definite beat, but not a beat that would overcome the song. It has a definite nostalgia to it despite the tempo. It should hold hope in it despite the hopelessness of the lyrics..

Moon Mystery- The first ending song to BSSCMF. This should be soft and very melody-based. Beautiful and moving. Something to touch the soul.

Nakayoshi Tenshi- The beginning song to BSSCM Angels

Ore Juno- The Theme song for Juno, a biker song. ^^;; bike sounds would be good to add to the music.

Pallas Pallas Pallas- The theme song for Pallas. The tune should be playful, and have contrast between fat and slow tempo for the verse and the refrain.

Sailor Tradition- This is definite battle music. This is the kind of music with an upbeat tempo that can be shouted all the way through. This can be used before BSSCM Angels.

Song of Ceres- The Theme song for Ceres. I would call this very flowing. The tune should reflect Ceres personality. It should have movement to it and a definite progression. I would imagine that the refrain is a slightly different tune from the verse, but still similar to blend in.


Sailor Mini Moon Theme- I am using the exact same music from BSSM's Moonlight Densetsu. This will be used throughout the dubbed series. It is to be considered a parody on the original lyrics and in no way is supposed to make any sense.

The Final Soldiers by Chibi Uranus

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