A tribute to the Gods of the graphic adventure, The LucasArts Entertainment Company (LEC). Its no fun just reading stuff, taking part is far more entertaining. Thats why this page is interactive - we've got competitions, and the fabulous game Ask Max. And as if that wasn't enough we also have complete solutions to LucasArts most recent adventure marvels. Yowza!

Just like the occupations of Stan the ship/coffin salesman this page keeps on changing and improving. Dont be without it.

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I am looking for someone with a flare for graphical ability to be in charge of creating and maintaining the graphics on this site - from the backdrops, to the logos. This is an opportunity to have your work displayed to well over a thousand people a month on the award winning and far and away the most successful LucasArts fan site on the internet. And a passport to a great laugh. Interested?.


Ask Max
Max, the gratuitous violence specialising rabbit, brings you his superb column in this interactive game.

Although his furry fingers prevent him from operating a keyboard he persuaded a secretary to type every word he uttered, partly because of the gun he held to the secretary's head, but mainly because Max was currently munching on a tasty eyeball once belonging to the office boss. He found that usually did the trick....

Complete Solutions
Cheat your way through Sam & Max, Full Throttle, and The Dig.

The L-Files
Forget Scully & Mulder - here's Sam & Max. They are the only detectives capable of exploring the hidden depths of the L-Files. Help them out by investigating that strange phenonenum known as the LucasArts In-Joke, then rummage through what they have discovered so far.

News, Gossip & Blatant Lies
Discover the latest news on LucasArts upcoming games.
LucasArts Merchandise
Discover non-game LucasArts goodies, including the Sam & Max comics and The Dig novel.

Coming Soon... Keep it under your hats but there are staggering changes afoot for The LucasArts Appreciation Site. A team of crackpot LucasArts fans (this is no longer a one man job) are spending long nights in front of glowing computer screens drinking caffine rich coffee and mumbling about Sam & Max, The Dig, and Monkey Island 3. But thats their problem. Some slightly more sane (and the emphasis really is on 'slightly') people are working on the re-launch of this site. An exact date will be issued soon. In the meantime, please excuse the mess.....

If you have any comments (preferably regarding this Appreciation page rather than the political situation in Istambul) then take a deep breath and mail Martin and I'll mail you right back. I promise.

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