Sonny Corinthos

(Summary, up to Oct 96 (not including summary from January-June 96) , from Port Charles Online)

Owner of the sleazy Paradise Lounge strip club. Sold his soul to mobster Frank Smith, whose lawyer represented Sonny in a lawsuit. Sonny and Luke teamed up against mobster-Garfield's goons as a turf war escalated in PC. Frank Smith ordered Sonny to keep an eye on his baby boy, Damian, then Frank fled the country and the mob fell apart, at least in Port Chuckles. Sonny, who wanted to turn legit, invested "clean" money in L&B Records and became the controlling investor. After the death of mob boss Frank Smith, Sonny teamed up with Damian, on the sly, to run the mob for him. Damian gets to appear clean while Sonny does the actual dirty work (and also gets a cut of the mob profits). Sonny is a partner in Luke's blues club (the former Paradise Lounge), but Luke isn't wise to the Damian-Sonny partnership and would go ballistic if he knew Sonny was still in "the life".

January - June 96 -- Sonny's mob dealings get him in jail. Being claustophobic, he couldn't stand to be in the enclosed room. He has a few passionate kisses with Brenda while there before Lily and her father make a deal with him: Sonny gets out of jail in return for his marriage to Lily. Sonny accepts the deal. Sonny and Lily marry with Brenda watching in the background. Despite the fact that Sonny didn't nor could he ever love Lily like he does Brenda, he tries to make their life work. He resists Brenda's attempts to get him to admit his true feelings until they are trapped in a snow storm in Canada in a cabin. A couple weeks after they return, Sonny decides that he can't deny his feelings any longer and that he will be with Brenda even if it means being on the run from Rivera. Soon after, he discovers that Lily is pregnant and, not wanting to be like his father Mike by leaving his child fatherless, decides to stay with Lily. Rivera, unknowing of Sonny's decision, has a bomb planted in Sonny's car and Lily dies when she starts the car with the bomb meant for Sonny. Griefstricken, Sonny hides himself in his penthouse, only to show his true feelings to Brenda.

**Oct 96 -- Sonny learned of Jax's attempted takeover of ELQ and vowed that the "Australian Pretty Boy" would not succeed. He didn't understand how the Quartermaines didn't want to put out a contract on Jax after his takeover attempt failed. Tracy tried to borrow some money from Sonny but he turned her down. She spewed a bunch of venom at him about Brenda and how he still loved her, etc. Sonny flew off to Australia to find some dirt on the Jacks family.

Nov 96 -- And dirt he finds! Bringing home Jax's first wife on Jax and Brenda's second wedding day, the wedding comes to a halt. Brenda swears that she'll never forgive him for what he did to her wedding day.

Dec 96 -- On the special primetime "Twist of Fate" episode, Sonny is drugged and left in his penthouse to die. Brenda, who is at Laura's "funeral," senses that something is wrong, not just because Sonny's not there, but something unseen. She searches for him to find him in his penthouse, near death. She calls 911 and keeps him awake and ultimatly saved his life. Before they part at the hospital, Sonny admits that he loves her and Brenda almost admits the same.

Feb - March 97 -- Brenda is kidnapped by her stalker -- Sonny's former friend and father figure Harry. Sonny is lured to where Harry is keeping her. Harry blames Sonny and Brenda for Lily's death because if it weren't for them, she would still be alive. During a stuggle for the gun with Harry, the gun goes off and Harry is shot and dying. Before he dies, Harry sets off the explosives that he had in the cave. They are trapped. Sonny and Brenda both admit their true feelings for each other and make love in the cave. Soon after they are rescued and Sonny most definately wants Brenda back.

March - May 97 -- Sonny put the pieces together and correctly figured out that it was Dr. Pierce Dorman that was the man behind the drug ring in PC and was also the one that drugged him in December.

May - June 97 -- Sonny and Brenda reunite.

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