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This guide covers all of the plants, animals, and dispensers that can be found littered all over Albia in C2. This covers only things released by Cyberlife and not by third-party developers. Iíll try to keep this up to date with the Creatures releases. I will try to mark what things come from where. Please tell me if I am wrong about any of these things. I have tried to be accurate, but I canít be sure of everything, I donít get to play around with the game regularly. Please also remember that I made this guide for newbies as well as more experienced players, so this guide also tends to state the obvious. Iíve tried to put the name of each object as well as what the object is called in the game. If you find anything wrong or missing please contact me with the link on the bottom of the page.


[plant]/[fruit] Good nutrition found by the incubator and other various places about Albia. Grows back quickly and satisfies hunger. The object kit #2 has a patch that makes this a fruit.

Nats, misspelling, see gnats

Nesting Blue Birds (life kit #2 - creation pack)

[critter] When injected two families of Bluebirds will appear in the desert. These will fly around randomly until some grass is grown. At this event they will go and take some grass and build a nest together. At night they will sleep in the nest. After one winter they will be ready to mate, in spring they will come together and do a mating dance. Then in summer they will be able to lay eggs. The eggs will eventually hatch and baby Bluebirds will fly around. Baby Bluebirds are the same as Adult Bluebirds except they are smaller and cannot mate. Babies should share the nest with their parents. After about a year the babies will mature and start their own nests and mate with other birds. Bluebirds are quite tame but not known for their high intelligence, sometimes they may get lost in a cave or underground somewhere, if this happens you are quite free to help them out by moving them back to the surface. Remember, they can't mate with their partner if they can't see them now and again. Injecting again will focus on the grass launcher and add 2 more families IF there are less than 18 already in the world.


[plant] A tough, filling food that grows in the area above the little bridge somewhere on the left side of Albia (Iíll have a map up soon so that this is more clear). Easy to transplant almost anywhere in that area. Also available in the Health Kit.

Nutrient Plant 1, see Fungolia

Nutrient Plant 2, see Suckralia

Pear Plant

[flower] The Albian pear grows in the garden and the bubble. Dies in winter, but blooms all year otherwise. I think the dispenser is found in the garden. When the pear part opens (2nd picture) The seed pops out. Will not grow in the desert or the rooms underneath. Also available in the Health Kit.

Pigeons (Life kit #2 - creation pack)

[critter] When injected you will see the mystical Pigeon Launcher appear in the desert. The pigeon launcher ejects pigeons and seeds. On the launcher is a display showing the number of seeds that should be in the world at a time. This number may be set from 0 to 10.When activated for the first time, 10 pigeons will be ejected from the launcher. Each pigeon will fly at a specific speed between 1(slowest) and 10(fastest). Each pigeon also has an energy level which starts at 10000. Its energy level is represented visually by the fatness of the pigeon. Pigeons gain energy from eating seeds, but lose energy from flying around where the loss rate is related to the speed. If you don't leave the pigeon launcher on (i.e. laungcing seed regularly,) your pigeons will not have food, thus they will grow thin, die, and fade out of the game. You'll find thar they will always stay close to the launcher, but if you move the launcher you must move it someware close by. The pigeons do evolve, but they don't nessesarily become smart. Bassically: make sure that when you move the launcer, you move it to some place were they can see it.

Plant Killer (Life kit #2 - creation pack)

[impliment] Kills Spikeocausius, Spinnomosa, Troffid, and Pear plants. Click the tiny picture on the front to selsct wich kind you want to kill and then push the red button. A mist will come out of the plant killer and cause any plant of that kind around it to die.


[root] Grows in the garden close to the swamp.


[bad plant] Very bad plant, deathcap mushroom spores. Grows in the garden by the swamp, most often in the little area under ground. To get rid of these, watch them carefully and every time they pop (spread their seeds), grab their seeds as fast as possible and put them in one of those unreachable bubbles under the place where you turn on the power to the gene splicer. Here the seeds will die harmlessly and youíll have no more puffs. This may take a few tries.

Puffer Fish (object pack #1)

[critter] When injected, one swims in each of the oceans and rescues drowning creatures. If you have creatures that need water to breath, you want to get rid of this fish!


[critter] Comes out when there are to many carrots in the garden and gets rid of some for you. It canít be picked up, but can be fun to watch. Click on the title to go to the Strange Albia page and read more, plus, you can see and animation. He sometimes will taunts you when you try to pick him up and you can't.

Scorpion (Life kit #2 - diversity pack)

[badbug] Injected into the desert, the scorpion will wander around minding it's own busyness. When a creature trys to push it, it will lash out and sting the creature with it's tail. There is not limit to how many scorpions can be in a game at once.

Sea monster, see Borland

[bug] Slithers aimlessly around Albia and fascinates all Ettins. Some Ettins are known to become lonely if their snail buddy are taken away. The snails are amphibious, so drop a couple in the in the ocean and let your water norns play with them.

Snow Grendel, see Grendel Frost

Lives above the calendar And only moves when a poor butterfly is trapped in its deadly web. Be careful! Butterflies are almost certain to fly into the web. Once theyíre there, you canít save them. Click on the name to go to the strange Albia page and read about him and other stuff.


[bad plant] Can be found in the desert above the incubator. They bloom pretty much all year round, may die in the winter. Produces seeds in the spring. Will grow in both the incubator room and in the room with the emotions computer.


[bad plant] Grows all year round except for winter and produces flowers ([seed]) at night. Only grows in the desert and doesnít spread as much as the Spikeocausius.

Sprong Flower Slinkís page

[flower] Originally taken out of the game, it has been brought back by Slink. It can be found on my COBs page. Click on the name to go to the Strange Albia page and read about this and other strange stuff.

Suckralia (Life kit #2 - creation pack)

[flower] The nutrient plant launcher when activated fire two seeds from its launch cannons. The seed(s) will grow into a plant IF the inorganic nutrient (intr) content of the room is above 10. The plant will then take 10 from the intr value of the room. The plant can be clicked on and if this is done it will shrivel and die and replace the 10 intr it took IF the intr value of the room is below 245. If it is clicked on and the intr value of the room is not adequate, the plant will not die. If injected again the camera will focus on the launcher.


[fruit] Grows in the Incubator room and by the acorns (see nuts). Most often eaten fruit and is rumored to help quench thirst.

Triffid Plant, see fruit 1

Troffid Plant

[flower] Grows under the calendar with the dispenser and can survive easily in the desert. The blue fruits are nutritious. Also available in the Health kit.

Trumpet Plant
< br> [flower] Grows in the garden and possibly in the area under the calendar. You should be able to find the dispenser in the tree house above the garden. Also available in the health kit.

Underground Critter (Object Pack #2)

[critter] Comes with the Object pack two. Lives in the ground under the incubater and throws the tomatos up to the surface.

Wasps (Life kit #2 - diversity pack)

[bad bugs] When injected, nest will be set up around Albia. When a norn is nearby and the wasp nest is disturbed, they will come out and attack the norn. They will atempt to sting a norn as many times as they possibly can before retuning to their nest.

Zander Fish

[critter] An edible fish that reproduces and grows. The dispenser can be found under the dark ocean. They hatch on the midnight of the second day of autumn. Apparently, when there are to many of the zandys in the dark ocean, Borland, the sea monster comes out and eats them.

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