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This guide covers all of the plants, animals, and dispensers that can be found littered all over Albia in C2. This covers only things released by Cyberlife and not by third-party developers. Iíll try to keep this up to date with the Creatures releases. I will try to mark what things come from where. Please tell me if I am wrong about any of these things. I have tried to be accurate, but I canít be sure of everything, I donít get to play around with the game regularly. Please also remember that I made this guide for newbies as well as more experienced players, so this guide also tends to state the obvious. Iíve tried to put the name of each object as well as what the object is called in the game. If you find anything wrong or missing please contact me with the link on the bottom of the page.

Acorn, see nuts


[critter] A harmless, shy critter that lives in the ocean and curls up when touched.

Anteater (life kit #2 - diversity pack)?

[critter] Wanders around in Albia eating ants until he is full. If he gets hungry, and there are no ant nests nearby, he will burrow into the ground and come up next to another nest.


[bad bug] [nest] Ants wonít do much harm to your creatures, except for an occasional sting or bite. Ants crawl over Albia and help keep it clean, i.e. they eat rotten fruit and carry away detritus. You can get rid of ant nests by clicking on them and forcing the ants out, however, I donít believe you can catch the queen once she starts flying away.

Aubergine (life kit #1)

Grows in the double bidome. I haven't had time to find out anything else.

[bad critter] Wakes up at night and flies around Albia. Lives on the top of the cave, right below the elevator that goes from the desert, to the incubator room, to the lower room. Will cause pain if grabbed, but otherwise harmless.


[bad bug] [nest] Bees make honey which is a food in Albia. Bees will pretty much leave your creatures alone as long as there not bothered. You can get rid of bee hives by clicking on them and forcing the bees out, however, I donít believe that you can catch the queen once she starts flying away.

Berries, see fruit

Birds, see humming birds, nesting blue birds, or pigeons


[bad critter] Comes out in the autumn in the dark ocean if there are too many zander fish. Has been know to come out on other days. He hides behind the rocks beside the venus fly-trap, see if you can spot him. Click on the name to go to the Strange Albia page and learn more about this and other strange stuff.

bug, see ants, bees, glow bugs, scorpion, snails, or wasps

bunny, see rabbit

Butterfly (1)

[bug] Beautiful red/orange butterflies that hatch out of their seeds in spring as caterpillars and turn in to butterflies in the summer. Youíll often see them crawling up pear plants and other plants in the garden and then diving off once they get to the top. You can find the dispenser in the dome with the Venus fly trap.

Butterfly (2)

[bug] Beautiful pink butterflies that hatch out of their seeds in summer as caterpillars and turn in to butterflies in autumn. These are hairy little guys and you can find their dispenser in the volcano.

caterpillar, see butterfly 1 or 2

cactus, see spinnomosa or spikeocausius


[root] Grows in the garden all year except winter. Very healthy for your creatures and is one of the staple foods in Norn nutrition. When there are to many carrots, the rabbit will come out and get rid of some for you. They are also eaten by ants. You should be able to find the dispenser either in the garden, or in the tree house above it.

[bad critter] Lives in the light ocean and can be found playing with itís pearl when opened out of the water and, on rare ocations, under water.


[critter] Looms in the trees of Albia. I believe that it comes out only during the spring and summer. You can pick him up, but when you click on him, he disappears. Click the name to go to the Strange Albia page and read more about this and other stuff.

coconuts, see fruit 0

[bad critter] Doesnít do much, but has been seen reaching out itís tentacles to grab a fish.

[bad critter] Lives at the bottom of the light ocean.

Crawling Plant

[plant] Found in the double domed greenhouse. Only two of this kind can be found. They will do nothing at all unless you or your Creature touch it. Click on the name to go to the Strange Albia page and read about it and other stuff.

Death Cap

[bad plant] Very bad plant! Believed to be the mutated descendent of the original red-and-white-polka-dot mushroom. Found all over Albia. Grows in abundance around the Ettin mother. Ettins may be immune to this poisonous plant. Also, the puff balls are supposed to be the spors for this poisionous plant.


[critter] Found across the swamp with his/her dog house and purple ball. You can find him by clicking on his/her house. Youíll here a whistle and then your screen will dizzily move to find him/her. Is a good companion for the Ettins that hatch out of the Ettin mother automatically.

Doozers (Halloween and Xmas Pack)

[critter] Very helpful little things that walk around Albia at will (except when they run into a wall). Clicking on one will cause it to say a word and all creatures in earshot will learn it (not automatically). If you want to see something funny, drop a doozy into the ocean and watch what happens. This is a good thing to do to make you laugh (it will not kill them, Iím not cruel). NOTE: The devil doozer pnly teaches negitive words like "sad" and "lonely" and if comes in the Halloween pack. The Fairy doozer flies around your world and makes your creaures feel better, it and the elf doozer come with the xmas pack.

fish, see Gold fish, Puffer fish or Zander fish

Frogs (life kit #2 - diversity pack)

[critter] They are injected into the small pool under the dark ocean as eggs. Over time they hatch into tadpols, then baby frogs, then adult frogs. As soon as they enter the frog stage, they will hop up onto the dock and play around, but they will never go to far away from the pond. If kissed by a norn, they wil transform into a frog norn. These norns cannot stray to far from the pond, or they will die.

Fruit (Berries)
0: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11:
[fruit] [bad plant] As you can see, their are lots or different kinds of fruit in Albia. I have to admit that I donít know where all of them are, what theyíre called, or what they do. This list isÖ incomplete, but as I learn more about them I will add more information. The fruits have been numbered as they appear in the bery.s16 file.
0: The closest thing I can compare this to is a coconut. It grows on the tree on the island over the volcano.
1: Tantris fruit, acts as a aphrodisiac and has an alcohol-like effect. This is available in the Breederís Kit.
2, 3: Grows in the bidome below to venus fly-trap. The red one is called the sourgum fruit and contain cyanide (Danger!). The purple one is the ashgum frut and it contains the antidot.
4: Winter Foxfire berry. (see Summer Foxfire)
5: Called Arnica, this contains the antidote to the deathcap.
6: Summer Foxfire berry, gros in the spring and summer and is more nutritous than the Winter Foxfire.
7: just a good little berry.
8: Treament for radiation (which is EDTA).
9: Little purple berries that can be found on the right side of the rope suspention bridge. Bad fruit. 10: Little purple berries that can be found on the left side of the rope suspension bridge. Harmless, but seem to be slightly addictive.
11: This flower is a total mystery to me. I believe that it may be one of those things that you can find in the .s16 files, but not in the game.

Fungolia (life kit #2 - creation pack)

[flower] The nutrient plant launcher when activated will spray the local area with germinating mist, this will create one plant IF the inorganic nutrient (intr) content of the room is below 245. The plant will then grow and add 10 to the intr value of the room. The plant can be clicked on and if this is done it will shrivel and die and remove the 10 intr it added IF the intr value of the room is above 10. If it is clicked on and the intr value of the room is not adequate, the plant will not die. If injected again the camera will focus on the launcher.


[plant] Very useful plant that grows under the calendar and over the tube filled with sand. The pickable part of the plant dies during autumn and winter. Also available in the Health Kit.

Glow Worms
< IMG SRC="g/gworm2.gif">
[bug] Cute little bugs that I believe can be found in the bug bubble. They donít do anything, but they can be peaceful to watch.


[bad bug] Found in the bug bubble and canít get out unless it is opened. I donít have any experience with these bugs because Iíve never left the bug bubble open for more than a few seconds.


[critter] Mindless fish that swim around the oceans and ponds. Iím not really sure if they do much, but Norns canít eat them.

Grendel Frost (Xmas Pack)

[critter] Roams wherever you put him and summons coldness to Albia. He makes it cold enough to snow.

Humming Birds (life kit #2 - diversity pack)

[flower] [critter] A new flower is added to the trees when this cob is injected. The humming birds will flit around and feed off the new flowers, but they are very shy and will fly away from most norns.


[bad critter] Floats around the light ocean and can deliver a sting if touched.

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