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Bank,Boat, and ice fishermen will love this new hook setting pole-rod holder! Welded steel with a screw on threaded rod for easy set up in all types of terrain. Simply cast out the fishing line and then insert the fishing pole into the rod holder portion (tube) and wrap the fishing line around the half-loop trigger wire while taking up slack in the line. When the fish bites the hook and pulls the line, the trigger wire is pulled and the tube(rodholder portion) moves upward setting the hook. Inside diameter is one and a half inches for most fishing poles/rods. Be one of the first to own this incredible fishing aid. The photos show the waiting to be triggered state. Two piece assembly, the rebar screws off. The welded steel construction will last a lifetime. Complete 2 piece breakdown will allow you to store it in a small tackle box. The color is gloss red; a high temp paint for durability. Email me with any questions or if you would like one. The price is $27.99 and includes shipping in the continental U.S.. Foreign orders required additional shipping fees to apply.

Image LinkBuild a Hook Setting Bobber

Download the Wilderness Game! - 149KB

Download the manual for the Wilderness Game - Above - 2.416 KB Adobe Reader Required

New!!!Build a Hook Setting Pen Bobber???Added 12/11/98

Build a Hook Setting Rod Holder

Other Strange DevicesUpdated 3/7/99!!
Just added - "The Kayen Vee Spring Loaded Catcher"
"The Got'cha Mechanical Fish Lure"
The "Norlund Spring Loaded Grabber",
"The Katch-O-matic"
"Automatic Fish Catcher"
"Graham-Cambell Hooksetter"
"A Hook Setting Hook"
Other Strange Devices TooUpdated 5/15/99!!

Build My Favorite Hook Setting Rod Holder

New!!!Drawings & Plans for Building My Favorite Hooksetting Rod Holder for only $9.95(Price Reduced to $$$4.95 for Spring!!!)-Above- Click on the Paypal logo below and you will be taken to the secure payment page at Paypal where, after your purchase, you will be taken to the assembly instructions and drawings page for immeadiate download and printing. Be sure you have paper in your printer!

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Welcome to the website dedicated to the unique and
strange fishing devices in the world. This site is continuously
under construction and the hope is that it brings you some pleasure,
if not amusement. Check back often for the latest in fishing
devices. The majority of the components for the devices shown can
be bought in your local hardware store for easy
assembly. Please check with your local game and fish officers
before attempting to use any of the devices at this website.
If you have a photograph of a unique or strange
fishing device and want to share your photo and story
please feel free to contact me at the email address below.


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