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Free Scripts! These scripts are made available by their authors completely free of charge. This page now contains only my top ten drama sites. Visit also the large and small pages of other materials.

Script Index Scripts from smaller sites are now listed together in a script index. Find scripts for different holidays, different scripture references, other Christian themes, and church annoucements!

Puppet Index If you're looking for puppet resources, check out this puppet top ten list of sites!

Scripts at a price You may be thinking, "My church doesn't have any money to pay for drama!" However, many of these sites have yearly subscriptions which are actually quite modest and are much better than having to buy books of scripts. It's worth taking a look, anyway.

My Scripts! These are the scripts that were written for my church's Saturday night service and for an overseas mission program.

Useful books! Script books that I have found to be very useful over the years.

Other Resources Not scripts, but other resources that may be of use to a drama ministry program.

Searchable Resources!

Drama for the Church is a free database program, containing descriptions of over 1,300 scripts of quality. Drama for the Church allows you to quickly search for topically appropriate sketches for your worship service, chapel, or special event. Most of the scripts listed in Drama for the Church are ones that you will need to purchase. There are no scripts actually contained in the program, it only helps you find them.

The Christian Drama Connection is a resource to help you find the script that you need. This site does not contain any downloadable scripts. Instead, it collects information regarding various Christian scripts- length, theme, Bible reference, and number of characters- and presents this in a searchable database. Some scripts in the database are free, online ones, others are published. Worth a look!

Youth Ministry and the Internet Another topic near and dear to my heart, youth ministry. Look at the ways that the internet is changing that field.

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