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HI! I am a mother of three very active children and I have been married for over fifteen years now and make my home in the US, though I was born in Canada. I met my husband in Canada and followed him to the States when he decided to return to his country of birth. I just couldn't imagine life without him and now I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband and father to my children. We spent 14 years in California, but moved to Colorful Colorado over a year ago.

I was a frequent visitor of Europe in my younger days and hope to go back soon. My favourite country to visit was Austria. Go to "visiteurope" to see the country that I love! That time of my life will never be forgotten and it most defenitely made and impression on me!*smiles* I hope to give my children the same opportunity to travel as I had.

The reason I was able to travel so extensively as a child and young teenager was because my father's job had sent us all abroad to live in a third world country where they needed my father's business acumen. We lived in North Africa for almost five years from 1979-1984. During those years we were blessed by his company for they would pay for our trips to Europe and home(Canada). Living in a third world country for extended periods of time requires a break to 'civilization'! It was a time in my life that I will always appreciate, for it taught me tolerance and sacrifice. I have never taken for granted the blessings of the 'American' Lifestyle again! *smiles*

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