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Example Review - written by Nur Demokan from Turkey

Book Title: The Good News About Women's Hormones
Author: Geoffrey Redmond,M.D. Published by: Warner Books
Review: Acne is very well covered in this book.

It is a comprehensive book, written by a doctor, including his experiences with several woman patients suffering from common hormonal problems. Easy to read. Does not require medical background.

Relationship of hormones and adult acne is very well explained.His main claim about acne is "without the stimulation of oil production by androgens, there would be no acne it is at root an endocrine disorder". Comprehensive information is available on almost all up to date acne treatments,hormonal and non-hormonal medications, giving the names of both the effective substance and available brand names (for USA). All side effects are listed. Comparisons and recommendations are given. Brand-name products are accurate as of July 1994. I wonder whether he has updated his research by then.

I strongly recommend this book for those who seek for solid information on the causes and treatment alternatives of acne. One drawback is that, since the book does not cover only acne but all female hormonal problems and since it is not very well organised, finding the chapters and paragraphs on acne is a bit bothersome.

The book is available online in both the UK and USA!
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