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Welcome to the Dark Side. You may use the links on the left to navigate the site. Be warned, however, as you might not escape alive! The buttons on the left can be used to navigate the site, and the links on the bottom are there to let you know which sites helped me out with this project (the W3C validators and other stuff)!

Page and NameDescription

Page 1 - Super Mario World 2000

All about my SMW romhack and how to download it, as well as a few screenshots, links, and other goodies!

Page 2 - MIDI Paradise

A small selection of MIDI files that I currently own for listening to and ZIP files of my entire collection! Legal music sharing at it's best!

Page 3 - Click (Not) Here

Here is where I'll stick ALL the web links that I deem worthy of having on my site that don't fit into the other categories... You'll never know WHAT you'll find here!

And you all should know what "Email Me" does!

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