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This is my works or sketches that I have done before. Recently I am not yet upload enough sketches. I just upload rough sketches but now I try to increase my ability in rendering technique. It is quite interesting but to master in rendering technique, you must practice every day or often.

Sketches with pen, marker and pastel. Please give some comment about my sketches. This is rough sketches, so I just want to find idea about concept it and develop more. So you will notice that my sketches not so neat and clean but this is sketches looks like. There are many difference between rendering and sketches. When you make a render, you have to make it clean and must be in color. You also must make it very realistic. It is look real and you have to consider about reflection and shadow for the car.

Why we have to sketch. Because you can get variety or many idea of shape and concept. That why you have to make it rough and fast. so you can get many idea as you like. It is same as you do some brainstorming.