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Concept car tutorial

In this moment I will try to make concept car tutorial for you. I just want to exchange my knowledge in sketching concept car. Maybe you can give better tutorial and I suggest you can give your tutorial in the forum area. You can come out with any idea and knowledge that you know about car or drawing. I know there are many talent person out there who can come out with drawing and sketching technique. To start sketching we have to consider the important things such as materials or tools and the skill that have to gain to get better sketches.



This is some sketches of concept car that I made using pencil. May be it is too blur because I use pencil but I try to sketch using pen. For designer, sketching using pen is better that using pencil, but for the beginner, draw using pencil is better because you can rub when you doing something wrong. But sometimes it will take time to make the sketch because we have to rub often. When we use pen, we don't have to bother to rub when we do wrong. We just have to repair it and change a little bit. It is not consume a lot of time. If you look at my sketches, the back wheel is too small compare to the front wheel. So I have to change it a little bit so it look nice. We have to think the perspective and also the logic. When we finish up our sketch, we figure out something wrong occur to the sketches. Sometimes your shape of car is to weird and silly.

The best drawing books

Before we start with first tutorial, I just want to recommend these books for you. You can use this books to learn more on how to draw the car and other type of vehicle you want.


Materials and tools

To make sketches you only need pen or pencil. It is up to you, if you like to use pencil, you can use it. I like to use pen but sometimes when I doing some mistakes, I cannot rub or erase the mistakes that I have make. I just repair it by correct lines that I make. Material that you need when you start sketch are pencil, pen, eraser and curve template. But for me, I just use hand drawn to sketch. I don't even use template or other template tools. There are many advantages when you use template to draw but it is better to use template when you want to draw wheels in perspective view. It is hard to draw wheels by hand, and when you try to draw wheels without template..the result is your wheels look weird. For me, the hardest part to draw is wheels because it is curve. You have to draw curve lines with or without template. Other tools that very important is marker. There are many types of marker in the market. You can find it in stationary shops or buy online. The important is you can buy grey marker, black marker and color marker. There are many color marker and I recommend that you only buy the color that you like and only suitable for the car. Maybe purple and pink not suitable for your car. For more information about tools and materials visit this website.

Tutorial 1 - How to draw car in perspective view

Tutorial 2 - Add color to your sketch