This is an Historical Marker dedicated to the Wayside home, where more than l0,000 Confederates registered in a roster were kept. They were weary, sick, and wounded. Those four gallant women of Union Point served soldiers, sailors, and marines.
They were made to feel at home to rest and receive aid.

Another marker there is a Bronze Plaque placed on a large granite boulder. The plaque reads:

“Commemorating the Confederate Wayside Home 1862-1864. Whose activities were carried on by fourteen women of Union Point. Erected by W.P.A.”




The monument is located on the right hand corner of the courthouse square. On the front inscribed


“Lest we forget”


Below are two large cannon balls on each side of the monument. Near the bottom

“Our Confederate Dead.”

On the back the dates


The principles for which they fought, live eternally…A broken flag staff with battle flag. This very young soldier appears strong he has a firm grip clutching his musket he has packed on his body a canteen, a cartage case, his blanket, field glasses and of course his bayonet.




To commemorate the l00th anniversary of the Sons of Confederate Veterans 1896-1996. This monument is placed amidst the graves of the unknown soldiers in the Mcmillian Presbyterian burial ground. The monument is inscribed with the poem "The Southern Dead" by Sgt. Benhamin R. Gormley of Brevard, NC. It reads:

The southern dead are sleeping in a thousand southern glens...
The moss and willows beckon with the breath of southern winds.
Through the blood-stained cross of St. Andrew is tattered now and furled...
They bore it high on every field and o'er every ocean of the world.
It wasn't through their failing that the gleaming turned to rust
and the dreaming of a nation is enshrined within dust.
Some would have their deed forgot. Their monuments swept away...
But while southern blood flows through our veins those knaves shall never see the day.
Teach our children of their story of battles lost and won...
They must keep memory's light a-burning till southern rivers cease to run.
The southern dead are sleeping.

Dedicated by the sons and daughters of the confederacy, and the re-enactors who strive to preserve its spirit.

The Thomas Bechum Calhoun Chapter #1242 of the U. D. C. is no longer active.




This monument is located in the park next to the Courthouse. A very young soldier crowns the top of this monument, clutching his musket. Below him are crossed muskets with bayonets attached and looking down the front is a cannon on each corner. Below are crossed sabers and

“Our Comrades”

To the right of the soldier is a furled battle flag. The only thing on the back are the two cannons one on each corner. There are four large tablets bearing the names of the soldiers of Warren County.

The Warrenton Chapter #889 of the U. D.C. is no longer active.

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