IL-NIAD Captive Green Iguana Care Page

Links to detailed green iguana care information:

Jen Swofford's site

Kevin Egan's




Adam Britton's

Melissa Kaplan's site




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Links to on-line herp supply stores (note - IL-NIAD is not affiliated with any of these stores and only offers these links as a convenient way to locate iguana supplies:

Big Apple Herp


Adoption Page

Care Page



IL-NIAD's At-A-Glance Iguana Care Page -
Basic information on iguana care - lighting. food, housing, etc. For more detailed care info, please visit one of the links on the left of this page.

IL-NIAD Veterinarian Referral Page -
All vets listed on this page are reccomended by IL-NIAD members around the state.

IL-NIAD Practical Iguana Keeping Tips -

Little tips from IL-NIAD iguana owners designed to make iguana husbandry easier - well, at least more efficient.....