Lab Investigation Reports

1. Nature Hike at Monteverde
2. Monteverde Water Quality Index
3. La Fortuna Water Quality Index
4. Fern Identification
5. Angiosperm Identification
6. Butterfly Identification Lab
7,8,9. Sarapiqui Water Quality Indices
10. Ant Discussion Notes
11. Nature Hike at Pacuare/Canal Tour
12. Sea Turtle Species Illustrations
13. Turtle Discussion Notes
14. Bird Identification Lab
15. Medicinal Plant Identification
16. Frog Article Notes and Frog and Toad Illustrations
17. Indigenous Culture Lab
18. Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad Lab

Table of Contents
My Journal
Field notes from all over Costa Rica.
Some of the trip's funniest moments.
Look at how pretty we are!
From bio to chem, we've got it covered.
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This site created for the Maggie L. Walker School for Government and International Studies by Elizabeth Kimball, class of 2003 and Costa Rica Field Study Participant Summer 2001.

--Lab Investigation Reports-- 1.Nature Hike @ Monteverde 2.Monteverde Water Quality Index 3.La Fortuna Water Quality Index 4.Fern Identification 5.Angiosperm Identification 6.Butterfly Identification Lab 7,8,9.Sarapaqui Water Quality Indices 10.Ant Discussion Notes 11.Nature Hike @ Pacuare/Canal Tour 12.Sea Turtle Species Illustrations 13.Turtle Article Discussion (w/ summary paragraphs) 14.Bird Identification Lab