"My butt is three feet long." -Jim

"¡Pura Vida!" - everyone
"I hope I still have my vida after this." - Marion

"I can't decide if I have B.O. or if this book just smells bad." - Erinn

"There's a lot of 'culture' in Costa Rica." - the girls

"Oh the butts." - Erinn

"Sex: the topic of the day." - Laura and Miah

"I better get another phone card or I'm gonna be making collect calls out of my butt." - Maria Luisa

"That's kind of sad. She just had to ask us to be nice." - Chris

"We can all dance in Andrew's pants." - Andrew (who else?)

"Clean bathrooms." - roadside advertisement

"You can bargain with the hippies on the side of the road." - Karla

"You're really up on your frog porn." - Liz

"What if you had to barf up a baby? That's just wrong." - Chris

"¿Que? ¿Que?" - Andrew

"You better watch out. In the rainforest, the rain will come out and bite you in the butt." - Chris

On the long walk:
"Somebody must've flushed the toilet paper." - Marion

"We're not going to float the bus. This isn't the Oregon Trail." - Marion
-------------30 minutes later---------------
"Look at us! This is the Oregon Trail!" - Liz

"I booked on it." - Aponi

"This guy Archie Carr?!" - Belinda
"Oh - it's a girl?" - Erinn

"Chris - you hussy!" - Andrew

"I wish I could take a shower in a bucket." - Aponi

"Good observation, Watson." - Chris
"As useful as that comment was, I could've done without it." - Andrew

"Memories of crabs I got in Baltimore on the boardwalks . . ." - Andrew
" . . . from a fisherman. I can't believe I paid for them." - Marion

"I'll have to ride Chris's mom into the sunset." - Andrew

"I'm not taking you dancing. I'm taking you to church." - Karla

"You're a math freak, Marion." - Chris

"I fell asleep on the floor. It's not like I did anything stupid." - Marion

"But caffeine does replace sleep . . ." - Marion

"Blah, blah, blah." - Andrew

"Shocking!" - Andrew

"Awesome!" - Andrew

"Lasanga my butt. That was not lasanga." - Marion

"Needs firmer mattresses." - everyone at the Pizote Lodge

"Oh the maggots." - Aponi

"Bathrooms - good times!" - Liz

"Women can't use technology - that's why there's no technology in the kitchen." - Chris
-----------------10 minutes later----------------
"Wait a minute - there is technology in the kitchen!" - Emily

"¡No me jodas!" - everyone

"Christian's a pimp." - Emily

"Kill the panda." - everyone

"Counting has nothing to do with math." - Veronica

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