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Personal Pictures:

carla_and_the_mariner_moose.jpg (57626 bytes)

Me and the Mariner Moose (thats Shiggi behind us signing autographs)

carla_in_front_of_the_feild.jpg (75971 bytes)

That's me, and that's Safeco Field behind me

Carla_in_Mariner_dugout.jpg (48876 bytes)

Thats me in the Mariner dugout...too bad none of the guys were in there.

brodcasting_picture-forward_veiw.jpg (66239 bytes)

Me, my dad, and my step sister at the Fox Sports Net brodcast booth

napper_with_mariner_hat.jpg (83716 bytes)

My Kitty, Napper, who is also a Mariner fan, wearing his Mariner hat.

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