Duties of an MNC member.

1. Belong to and take an active part in the life of his or her branch.
2. Take all necessary steps to understand and carry out the aims, policy, and programmes of the MNC.
3. Explain the aims, policy and programmes of the MNC to the people.
4. Deepen his or her understanding of the social, cultural, political, and economic problems of the country.
5. Combat propaganda detrimental to the interests of the MNC and defend the policy, aims and programmes of the MNC.
6. Fight against racism, gender discrimination, corruption, maladministration, religious intolerance or any other forms of political, economic, and social evils.
7. Observe discipline, behave honestly, and carry out loyally decisions of the majority and decisions of higher bodies.
8. Inform his or her branch of movement to any other area and report to the branch committee secretary on arriving at any new area.
9. Refrain from publishing and/or distributing any media without authorization, which purports to be the view of any organized grouping, faction, or tendency within the MNC.
10. All members shall ensure that they are registered as voters in the constituency where they live.
11. MNC members who hold elective office in any sphere of governance at national, regional, or international level are required to be the members of the appropriate caucus, to function within its rules and to abide by its decisions under the general provisions of this organization and the constitutional structures of the MNC.
12. MNC members should abide by the aims and objectives of the MNC set out in the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives.
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