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Updated: Nov. 23rd 2008

I have listed a few web sites here, most are of general interest in the Spanish Civil War. There are now 3 Irish sites, this one, the North West project and the Connolly Column groups one. See also the Workers Solidarity Movement site for an anarchist pamphlet and related material.

International Brigades Memorial Trust

International Brigades Memorial Trust - the primary group for veterans and supporters of the IB. More here ...

Merseyside International Brigades Network

A new site in Liverpool concerned ith the local volunteers. There are some references to Irish volunteers, like Tumilson. A really worthwhile and interesting site. Visit it here.

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Association site - updated.

The ALBA site has been revamped - a must visit site for anyone looking for Irish-Americans and Irish volunteers in Spain.

CC, Nov. 23rd 2008.

Shapes of Time - interview with Irish veteran

I was sent a notice about this site, with material ranging across the Spanish Civil War, Cable Street, etc. Among the other material is a brief interview with Paddy Cochrane, an Irish IB veteran. Paddy was a medical worker in Spain.Shapes of Time site

North West Spanish Civil War Project

There are moves to erect memorials for Irish volunteers in the near future. One part of this is a group based in Derry who want their memorial to be for the men from Derry, Donegal and Tyrone. They operate the following site.

American Volunteers - added Sept. 14th 2008

Anyone with an interest in American volunteers in the SCW would need to save as a favourite a developing site run by Chris Brooks. Chris has a list of over 2600 volunteers, either Americans or people who travelled from America, and this obviously includes a number of Irish interest. He is still developing the site, so regular visits will be rewarding. Check it out at

West Belfast and the Spanish Civil War.

The Corpus Christi Youth Club, in Ballymurphy, Belfast, undertook a project concerned with local involvment in the SCW. This centered on an exhibition they held in the Whiterock Library, and now they've put some material online. This effort, by a group of teenagers, is to be welcomed and supported. Visit their site at Added to the site, August 1st 2008.

Guerra Civil española y exilio republicano - added July 30th 2008

This new site, well new to me, is organised by Lidia Bocanegra at

While the vast bulk of the material is in Spanish, she has online reports of the Inistioge Commemoration and David Convery's thesis on Cork and the SCW, with extensive photographs.

Leopold H. Kerney was Ireland's Minister to Spain 1935-1946. His son Eamon Kerney has established the web site On it can be found details of Kerney' s visits to International Brigader Frank Ryan in Burgos prison 1938-40 and his campaign for an improvement in his harsh prison conditions; his association with Ryan's "escape" to Germany and Ryan's subsequent wartime correspondence from Berlin.

This new site was drawn to my attention by Manus O'Riordan, thanks.

Updated, March 31st. Manus has now published a review of this site, read it here.

Fife Veterans

Added Oct. 7th 2006: New Scottish site

Here's a good local site for the Fife area of Scotland, CC.

"After doing some research into Fife Veterans I have been bitten by the research bug. I have started to upload information I have gathered/found and will continue to do so as time permits. The first few pages, including the most up to date list of Fife Veterans, are now online and can be seen at:

Dougie Kinnear

No Jubilem la Memòria

Added, July 10th:

"No Jubilem la Memòria" was created by a group of people who wished to preserve the history and memory of the Second Republic and the Spanish civil war in the Priorat (1931-39)

Site address: Email them at

They are based in Marçà in the region known as the Priorat and is not far from Tarragona, in Catalonia (North-eastern Spain).

Added, May 9th: New site about Andrew Flanagan and the International Brigades This is being developed by his granddaughter, Olga Gascón Flanagan. Book mark this site, it will develop as she's time.


Asociacion de los Amigos de las Brigadas Internacionales

More here from this major site...

Connolly Column - site initiated by a member of the Belfast based International Brigades Commemoration Committee.

Modern American Poetry and the SCW Operated by Cary Nelson

A.C.E.R. Les Amis des Combattants en Espagne Républicaine

John Corcoran, a researcher who has published material on volunteers from the North East of England, has created a site giving photographs of a recent trip he took to the battlefields of Jarama. Click Here.

An interesting 1930's German pamphlet, Souvenirs of Spain, is now available, CC. This was aimed at workers inside Germany, I thought it very interesting even if the language is a bit strange.

Henri Gremming wrote to me: - "About ten years ago I found in Paris a pamphlet from the Spanish civil war which had been produced to be distributed clandestine in fascist Germany. It contains a lot of photographs of the Spanish Civil War."

C J McGuinness

Visit this amazing site about C J McGuinness. McGuiness is someone who was briefly in Spain with the International brigade before returning to Ireland where he wrote a series of articles which attacked the Republican side.

A new document which I think is worth a visit. it is about Nazi military involvement in Spain. Thanks to Henri Gremming for drawing it to my attention. One note. The English version here does read a bit strange, but the reader must remember that it has been translated from Spanish to German, possibly French and then into English. It's readable, bear with it, the contents and photographs are worth the effort.

"Spain the Forgotten War Remembered"

This address is the latest version I could find, 30.9.00, but I'm open for corrections if needs be.

Due to the size, increasing updates and expansions, of my web page on the Spanish Social Revolution and Civil War of 1936-1939, I have moved the page to a dedicated web site.

The Spanish Revolution was the most important social revolution of the 20th Century. Even Leon Trotsky noted that it surpassed the Russian Revolution as a truly "proletarian revolution".

Today unfortunately it is seen as a historical blip, if it is even considered at all, coming prior to WWII. To some who would down play the social revolution, it was simply a precursor to World War II and an idealistic anti-fascist struggle.

But to those on the Left it is an important social revolution that saw workers organise self managed factories, and indeed whole cities, and peasants mobilise the 'voluntary' collectivisation of villages and farms.

This site is dedicated to the thousands of workers who made the Revolution and the thousands of workers worldwide who came to the aid of the Spanish Revolution. Their struggles were not in vain.

Lotta Continua!
Eugene W. Plawiuk

Yale Archive

An American archive listing some of its available material.

Other Links

La Columna is a UK based re-enactment group commemorating and celebrating the international volunteers who went to fight alongside the Spanish people in defence of the Second Republic during Spanish Civil War 1936-1939. La Columna is a non-political organisation but with strong sympathies for the Spanish Republican cause of the late 1930s. Check them out.
International Volunteers in the POUM Militias, article by Andy Durgan

With the POUM militia for three Months on the Huesca Front An article from the journal, Revolutionary History.

Workers Solidarity Movement


This is the text of a 1986 pamphlet, The Spanish Civil War and Anarchism in Action, by Eddie Conlon for the Irish anarchist group, the Workers Solidarity Movement.

The WSM can be e-mailed at

Among the articles they have on the web, the WSM have an article on the experience of collectives in the revolution, see

Along with the Irish anarchist material, there is a general site provided by anarchists that is well worth checking out.