Volunteers on the Left/Republican side in Spain

Updated: June 8th 2009

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With the death of Bob Doyle on Jan 22nd there has been a lot of opbituries and reports of the Celebration of his Life held in Dublin. Go thru to the Doyle Collection.

Report on the George Brown commemoration, Kilkenny, June 2008

Name index to 1930s Left papers - the Worker, the Irish Democrat and the Workers' Republic

Pat Read (1889-1947) - notes towards his biography, CC

A short letter home from Tom Kerr.

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Individual International Brigaders, etc.
Notes on IB photographs
More general historical articles, etc
Reports on book launches, memorials, etc.
Book Reviews, Bibliography
Irish anarchism and SCW

Individual accounts,etc

Name index to 1930s papers I have put links for a lot of these names thru to the relevant article from those papers, but there's a lot more to go in. If anyone comes across a broken link, pplease let me know. CC, Belfast 20/4/8
Inistioge, Kilkenny, commeoration of George Brown June 28th 2008
George Brown - Portrait of a Communist leader. A pamphlet by Mick Jenkins.
Dublin Boys – Amazing Escape - Blake and Cochrane in the Dublin Evening Mail, 5th October 1937
Bill Bailey - Irish-American- extracts from his biography.
Joe Boyd remembered
Joe Boyd, from Tyrone, 1976 newspaper report from unidentified Northern Irish paper, CC.
George BrowneA poem about Manhchester based Irish Volunteer, A leading comrade in the CPGB, KIA
Paddy Cochrane brief interview on "Shapes of Time" website, .
Paddy Cochrane features in the Sunday Times, Oct. 20th 2007
Kit Conway
Red Cushing
Cushing remembered
Cushing and Stalin's son
Cushing timeline
From Monageer to Spain – the story of Peter Daly
Peter Daly - inaugural commemoration event
1996 letter about Peter Daly by Mick O'Riordan
Frank Deegan Brothers in Arms -Liverpool Irishman interviewed by Tony Birtill, Irish Post, August 30 1986
Frank Deegan - a 1988 trip back to Spain
Collected Charlie Donnelly articles
Anti-fascist Arthur - help sought - [Archie Doran], January 31, 2008, page 76 - Bath Chronicle
Call for info on soldier - [Archie Doran] - Page 46, February 5, 2008 - Bristol Evening Post
A collection of articles by and about Eugene Downing. Updated 27th October 2007
Eugene Downing appears on TnaG television programme with subtitles.
Downing about Connolly House seige
Downing on the Ebro.htm
Downing Fox's funeral
Downing on the Lenin School
Downing in Charge!
Downing interviewed
Downing - hospital letters
Downing as a writer!
Downing - Nehru's visit
Downing - a 1976 visit to Spain
Downing - On the Thetis submarine experiemnt in WW2. - involves P Duff, O'Daire, etc.
Collection of pieces by/about Bob Doyle Updated August 13th 2008
Bob interviewed in the Irish News, 11th April.
Bob Doyle interviewed
Bob Doyle - writes about Jarama in Irish Freedom, Feb. 1944
Bob Doyle's Belfast meeting, 2006 reported on by Mary Horton in Unity, Sept. 2006
Bob Doyle's Sligo meeting, 2006 reported on.
Dunvegan Castle - Vol. David Ryan
Frank Edwards
Edwards and Waterford
Joe Gibbons - An Irish vol. interviewed in a US military magazine in 1942.
Joe Gibbons - on his experiences when his ship was sunk!
Joe Gibbons - Letter about a mountain trip and death in the Spanish Civil War
Patrick (Harry) Glasson 1910-1937 - a recent article detailing the experiences of this volunteer. Added 11 November 2007
Brian Goold-Verschoyle - soviet purge victim.
Jim Haughey letter home in 1939
Haughey's poem
Hilliard - remembered
Hilliard 2005 document with new material, written by John Corcoran.
Olympians at War Article on Hilliard, with notes on O'Duffy. about their participation in the Olympics.
Hilliard: - the fighting pastor - Another one from the Daily Mail.
Hilliard's GAA activity
International Brigaders
International Brigadiers A-E
International Brigadiers F-K
International Brigadiers L-O
International Brigadiers P-Z
Thomas Kerr letter home
Mick Lehane
James Maley - Glasgow Irish vol. (1908 - 9 April 2007) This is by his son Wiley and actually links thru to 2 other obituaires.
Jim Maley commemorated in song on YouTube! It's called 'These Hands', and the lyrics are based on an interview by him for The Big Issue back in September 2006. Added 11th April 2008.
Patsy McAllister
Patsy McAllister
Eoin MacNamee
Paddy Roe McLaughlin - By Gerry Duddy in Moville
Memoirs of several IB men
Brendan Moroney attacks the IB in 1938
Brendan Moroney defends the IB in later life.
Jack Nalty biography His nephew has written quite a good, short book. Here's extracts.
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006)
Mick O'Riordan: Memories of a veteran communist. Article in the Kildare Nationalist, Thursday, May 25, 2006
A 1998 interview with Mick O'Riordan about anti-racism
O'Riordan at Irish LP conf, 2001
Mick O'Riordan in 1986
Untouched by the Tiger [Mick O’Riordan] Irish Times, April 15, 1999.
Anti-Fascist Action interview with Mick O'Riordan.
Peadar O'Donnell and the SCW
Peter O'Connor and Waterford
Peter O'Connor
Thomas Patten 3 articles on this Achill volunteer, one of the first Irish dead. Added 29 May 2007
Jim Prendergast "When I met Will Paynter on the battlefield" in the Railway Review, 13th December 1968.
David Pritchard, a Newtownards (via Canada) IBer from the Newtownards Chronicle, August and December 1939.Added 22 Feb. 2008
Pat Reads obituary
Pat Read A Biography
Frank Ryan in the News of the World!
Eugene Downing article from Irish Front, 1941.
In Green and Red: The Lives of Frank Ryan by Adrian HoarBook review Sunday Business Post, 5 Dec 2004
Bill Scott at SPNI meeting
Yesterday’s horrors – today’s memories Bill Scott interviewed Grimsby Evening Telegraph, 21st Nov. 1975
40,000 men did do something Letter from Bill Scott in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph, 18th Oct 1975
International Women's Day
IWD -Lecture on women in Spain
IWD - Irish women in Spain

Notes on some photographs

International Brigade Photos - some points.

History articles, etc. Updated 20/5/7

My Experiences with the Irish Section of the Lincolns Volunteers, By David Smith in The Volunteer 2001
Ulstermen and the Spanish Civil War Article by Ciaran Crossey, in "Due North" in 2002. Added 20th May 2007.
The Spanish Civil War extract from Mike Milotte's 1977 thesis on Communism in Ireland.
Letter to Saothar from Eugene Downing Paddy O’Daire & the Thetis Experiment: Setting the record straight
Major Frank Ryan: Recollections from Tom Jones, North Wales fellow prisoner at De Burgos Penitentiary.
Leopold H. Kerney: Irish Minister to Spain 1935-46 Manus O'Riordan reviews Eamon Kerney's new website
Peadar O'Donnell and the Spanish Revolution.
Claremen in the SCW a 1996 local history by Peadar McNamara
Fascism Then And Now by John Pilger, Morning Star, 2 Aug 2005, IBMT memorial meeting, London.
C Donnelly:- 3 articles from 1935-6
A Diversity of VolunteersSpeech by Manus, at IBCC meeting, Belfast, Sept. 2006. A lot on Haughey and CJ McGuinness
Gaelic book:- translated notes on McGrotty, etc.
International Lenin School
Irish and Jewish volunteers in SCW
Joe Monks pamphlet With the Reds in Andulasia
Behind the legend: Waterfordmen in the International Brigades by Emmet O'Connor, Magee College (PDF format)

Reports from events, book launches, etc.

Updated 13 August 2008
Belfast Memorial Unveiled - initial reports on the unveiling of the Belfast Memorial with the IBMT AGM held in Belfast, 13-14 October 2007. Added 1 November 2007
Inistioge, Kilkenny, commeoration of George Brown June 28th 2008
70 Walkers commemorate 70 years of the International Brigades
Commemorative Address by Manus O'Riordan - crossing of the Pyrenees
Jarama 2007 Bob Doyle's attendance noted.
Jarama 2007 by Alan Warren in the Morning Star, 14th Feb. 07
Charlie Donnelly lecture and plaque - A talk by Gerry Dawe on Donnelly, followed by the unveiling of a plaque in University College Dublin, Feb. 26th at 7pm. Added 15 Feb.2008
Bob Doyle writing on Jarama, 1944
Bob Doyle's Cork Meeting, 20th Feb. 2007
Connolly Column - republished
Connolly Column launch - C O'Shannon
Connolly Column launch - Manus O'Riordan
Connolly Column launch - Mick O'Riordan
Connolly Column launch -
Conway Memorial - press report
Conway Memorial - Bob Doyle
Conway Memorial - Mick O'Riordan
Conway Memorial - Manus O'Riordan
Conway Memorial - Spanish Speech
Conway Memorial - song
Conway Memorial - Full Contents
Peter O'Connor speaking in 1994 at the unveiling of the Memorial plaque in Waterford.
Waterford memorial
Waterford memorial 2
Waterford memorial appeal
Waterford memorial BBC reports
Waterford memorial - press reports

Book Reviews, Bibliography

Brigadista reviewed by the Irish Socialist Network.
Review of Irish play on SCW Guernica Hotel - Irish SCW play
The revolution starts now - By Michael McCaughan, reviews Bob Doyles book:- in Village, September 21, 2006
Bob Doyle: Collection of reviews, and other articles about Bob following publication of Brigadista in June '06
"Connolly Column" John Corcoran reviews the reprinted book for the Morning Star April 26, 2005
IRSP review of Connolly Column
Jim Monaghan's reviews
McGarry's book on Ryan reviewed 2
McGarry's book on Ryan reviewed 3
McGarry's book on Ryan Stradlings review
USSR chapter on Irish role in SCW
"A rather one sided fight" The Worker and the Spanish Civil War, a document study from Saothar, Vol. 23, 1998.
Harry Midgley
Socialist Party of NI
Ben Murray - letter on the death of Alec Muir
IBMT - AGM, 15/10/5
IBMT - Ryan Commemoration 16/10/05
Jack Jones replies to Irish Times
Jack Nalty's death reported in the News of the World!!


Bill Bailey (1911-1995)
Paul Burns In The Volunteer, Vol. XIX, No. 1, Winter, 1996-7
Paul Burns by Fisher.
Beatrice de Courcey Ireland 1911-1999 [Added 14th April 2006]
Charlie Donnelly obituary by Montague Slater, Left Review and Irish Democrat 1937. [Plus note from Joe Donnelly]
Eugene Downing: Veteran who stayed true to ideals of Spanish war The Irish Times, August 9, 2003
Eugene Downing in Saothar
Eugene Downing by Manus O'Riordan
Eugene Downing by Oisin Breatnach
Frank Edwards
Harry Fisher (US Vol.)
Clarence Forrester - A USA-Finnish/Irish volunteer!
Obituary for Danny Gibbons
George Gilmore (1985)
Hugh Hunter
Maurice Levitas
James Maley - Glasgow Irish vol. (1908 - 9 April 2007)
Letter about Patsy McAllister The Irish Times, Sept. 29, 1997
Patsy McAllister by the Workers' Party in 1997
Ewart Milne
Joe Monks.
Joe Monks by CPI
Ben Murray
Peter O'Connor
Peter O'Connor 2
Peter O'Connor obit in Saothar
The shop steward who led the Major Attlee Company - The Record, Feb 1982 [newspaper of the ATGWU]
Charles O'Flaherty - The Volunteer, Nov 1984 [organ of the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade]
Dick O'Neill
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006) Waterford Today reports.
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006) -Workers World, 25/05/2006
M O'Riordan - Daily Mail
M O'Riordan - Daily Mail May 22nd 2006
M O'Riordan - Daily Telegraph
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006 - Eoin O'Murchu in An Phoblacht, 26/05/2006
Mick O'Riordan, Daily Ireland, May 23rd - O’Riordan admirers by - Tommy McKearney
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006), Eugene McCartan, Sec. CPI, tribute at the funeral service, May 20th
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006), a CPI biographical note.
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006), Sunday Independent, May 21st
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006), Morning Star report of the funeral
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006), Irish Times, Sat May 20th
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006), Morning Star, Fri. 19th May
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006), Eugene McCartan from the CPI in Daily Ireland, 19th May.
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006), Irish Times, 19th May.
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006), Irish News, 19th May.
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006), Irish Examiner, a short note on 19th May.
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006) Irish Independent 19 May.
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006), La, 19th May, Gaelic paper.
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006), a short note in Daily Ireland, 19th May.
Mick O'Riordan (1917-2006) RTE, 18 May.
Pat Read Irish-American anarchist in Spain.
Bill Scott 1988
Liam Tumilson
Tommy WOOD - Irish Democrat, 31st July, 1937

International Brigadiers and other anti-fascists of Irish origin

Irish volunteers This is a working list of the volunteers from Ireland. Updated 25th May 2004

Irish Anarchism and the SCW

Pat Read - an essay by Ciaran Crossey about this anarchist and SCW veteran. Added April 7th 2008
Pat Read - a collection of articles by and about this genuine Irish anarchist. Added Nov. 11th 2007
"Jack White of Ballymena". By T.J. McElligott, Ballymena Guardian 3 August 1989,p. 8 "He did not just have strong views on everything and anything, he had views which might be considered extreme on most matters." Added January 22nd 2005, CC
Jack White in Donegal - a labour hisotry piece by Anton McCabe
A rebel in Barcelona: Jack White's first Spanish impressionsThis article was reproduced from KSL No 14, March 1998. "I came out to Barcelona as administrator of the second British Red Cross Unit. Two nurses and myself came on in advance to find a site for the hospital of the Unit somewhere on the Teruel front."
Where Casement would have stood To-day By CAPTAIN J. R. WHITE Being the substance of an address delivered to the Roger Casement Sinn Fein Club on the 20th Anniversary of Casement's death.
1919: The Significance of Sinn Fein - Psychological, Political, and Economic

Belfast - police report of Socialist meeting on SCW

Bill Scott was speaking at a showing of the film, Battle of Madrid.

"SUBJECT: Northern Ireland Socialist Party Lecture and Film Show

in Labour Hall, York St., On Sunday, 18/4/37 City of Belfast.

DETECTIVE DEPARTMENT, (Crime Special Branch)

Royal Ulster Constabulary,

Chichester Street.

19th April, 1937

Head Constable C.S. Branch.

I beg to report that under the auspices of the Northern and Socialist Party the film entitled ''Defence of Madrid" was shown in the ILP Hall, 48 York Street, Belfast, on Sunday night, l8th April, 1937. Prior to the film show a short lecture was given by Lieut. William Scott, late of the International Column in Spain, who described conditions during his stay there.

About 400 persons were present and the proceedings which commenced at 7.45 p.m. and terminated at 9-30 p.m. passed over quietly."

More here...