Concert Tour 2002 - Koji Tamaki Acoustic Special Night

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Part 2


  • Here is the second installation of my Tokyo concert report.

  • There were quite a few songs that I had never seen performed live, in concert or in video. In particular, "Party", "Yume No Pocket", "Only You" and "I'll Belong...." are my favourite. Regardless, it is always exciting to see Tamaki performing live, especially with members of Anzenchitai involved.

  • I would like to say something in praise of Satoko Ando's playing. Before this tour, I realised that she is going to play a role in the revived Anzenchitai. While I find her somewhat jazzy, western pop influence is cool for Tamaki's solo work, I could not help but felt skeptical about her upcoming gig with Anzenchitai, especially when it comes to playing their old numbers. But her performance for this tour has changed my mind.

  • Having said that, the keyboard arrangement of those Anzenchitai songs at the concert got a fresh makeover of what I had been hearing through the years. In particular, Ando's Rhodes piano intro for "Party" was impeccable (and she played a real Fender Rhodes, not a sample triggered by MIDI). "Yume No Pocket"'s outro was also a great closer, although the processed piano sound had a tad too much reverb (ok, so I am being picky). Her performance throughout the concert was impressive. The soft touch playing suited those ballads really well.

  • Yahagi's acoustic guitar tone was good as ever. Although he managed to play solos in a few songs, the guitar parts were altered from the original in order to accommodate this tour's acoustic theme. Well, it is not really a concert with pure acoustic instruments. Along with Ando's use of the Rhodes piano and the somewhat processed piano sound, Yahagi's guitar was routed to some sort of processor, as well. While most of the time it was not really that noticeable, the processed guitar sound was most apparent during the intro and outro of "Wine Red No Kokoro". I quite like the slight delay sound but I was a little disappointed (but hardly surprised) that they played the '99 remake version. That version was missing Takezawa's outro. I have not been to that many Anzenchitai/Koji Tamaki concerts over the years, but this was the first time I was at a concert watching Tamaki perform without Takezawa. His absence was certainly felt.

  • The only time I ever saw Rokudo performing live was back in 1987, so it was a welcoming sight to see him back on stage playing again. Again, due to the acoustic set, he did not really get to rock it out. Rather, he provided a solid backbone for the songs with his acoustic bass. I understand that he had not been playing for some time prior to Anzenchitai's session last year, perhaps that explains his somewhat timid stage presence. With this tour as Rokudo's warmup, he should be back in form by the time Anzenchitai are back on stage later this year.

  • Next up: Part Three: The Singer. Stay tuned.


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    Written by Anthony Chan
    Organized by Kelvin Tsang
    Last update: May 18, 2002
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